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The · that compare Er builds the story of employee of Ci invite applications fo
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The · that compare Er builds the story of employee of Ci invite applications for a job

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Asian head rich Sun Zhengyi is in 23 years old when, got liver disease, the hospital that lived two years full. Between two years, he read 4000 books, smooth even season reads 5 books.

After Sun Zhengyi was reading 4000 books, he wrote the development plan that pursues 40 kinds of trades according to the result that his reads.

He understood he is old eventually 100 think of the bemused —— that does not get its to solve to want to become world head rich, must be engaged in the most burgeoning, industry that has development latent capacity most.

Leave hospital, he decides to march with sturdy belief computer industry, gave the poineering plan of an extraordinary from the summary in many 4000 book.

Then, sun Zhengyi founded his company, at this moment his employee has two only.

Company start business that day, above the fruit box that Sun Zhengyi stands in the company to install an apple, two stuff that follow him say: I call “ Sun Zhengyi, after 25 years, my general becomes world head rich, my company turnover will exceed a day of money! ”

After those two people listened, resign immediately did not work, they think the boss became mad —— but they do not know Sun Zhengyi two years in read 4000 books!

Later, sun Zhengyi's true test and verify the oath on his apple case, become Asian head rich, and to the world head rich Bill. Gates launchs a challenge!

Bill. Gates is as much full the person that reads group of books. Although did not read an university, but 9 years old when Bill. Gates had read all encyclopedia, so article of his essence exceeding lofty or great, history, geography waits of all kinds course a moment, can say Bill. Gates is the money on current world not only head rich, and the tycoon that also can say going up is knowledge.

Confidence comes dye-in-the-woodly and once the graduate of haing Buddha college with a learned flatter oneself compares Er. Build Ci interview, bill. Gates asks: “ excuse me you, are you of graduate of haing Buddha college? ”

He says: “ yes, permit an employer, bill. Gates, I am graduate of haing Buddha college. ”

“ excuse me you, are you very clever? ”

He says: “ I am the grade finish school with the first, should intelligence quotient is pretty good still. ”

“ that you is today to come the product department manager of be recruited Microsoft? ”

He says: “ yes, permit an employer, bill. Gates, hope I can have an opportunity to serve for you! ”

“ excuse me you, since you are so clever if, how long does that Amazon have? ”
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