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Zhang Yi seeks get together money wisdom
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Zhang Yi seeks get together money wisdom

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The booking office that he is Chinese filmdom assures, it is a foreigner more most brand of approbated film of a China. Value of the individual income of contain of his name backside, product, brand value adds up, cannot have examined with the number, this already were everybody's consensus. Because, he has been mixed giant panda is same, the “ that belongs to invaluable is rare be short of resource ” .

Zhang Yi is sought is film director originally, so opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games was regarded as by a lot of people 2008 a motion picture is big, discovered Zhang Yi seeks the sign of the film, the battle array if " full city all takes gold shell " general uniform, color if " hero " general and gorgeous, of actress be like,dress up " 10 ambuscade " the even if of Zhang Ziyi …… inside is such, the shock, proud, word that touched people to use most praising to the opening ceremony.

So respecting Zhang Yi is sought, we call him a dinkum director, we call him phenomenon of a kind of culture, symbol of a culture, also be such phenomenon is mixed accord with, be pregnant with the commercial value of a boundless.

Seek from Zhang Yi cast pat " hero " begin, every his film wants an assemble almost instantly is a lot of the behind the curtain before the stage stars each, go up at every turn of 10 thousand dollars make greatly, the movie picture of great of luxurious creation ordinary members of theatrical troupe, extensive and the film music that are full of Oriental meaning charm, without the look that drawing people, heartstrings that affecting investor. Because, his every are made greatly resembling is vision and acoustic regale, when people loses interest gradually to a variety of sceneries before the stage, the commerce with the focal —— successful movie that the large kitchen of behind the curtain of a regale became everybody to pay close attention to is run.

Probably the success that we dare not say a film is the success that Zhang Yi seeks, but every film itself is successful really, zhang Yi seeks also realized that brave words that oneself say: “ takes nice motion picture, attract the audience to the cinema to come ” . " hero " , " full city all takes gold shell " wait to wave to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera redly with all fronts, letting us understand Zhang Yi to seek is how to use wisdom to resist of the bizarre and motley of Hollywood.

Wisdom one, search financing associate

The film investment means of domestic tradition is studio take the funds that dials below the country to pat piece, the risk is assumed by the country, also have company of minority civilian battalion in recent years intervene. Zhang Yi seeks one's early years to pat " code name catamount " be investment of a private proprietor of an enterprise, but the risk is great, let be terrified by the sight of sth or sb of a lot of civilian financial group. Actually, the investment kind below traditional pattern has nothing to do with financing almost. But the film of draw large audiences that Zhang Yi seeks " hero " criterion open up a kind of brand-new investment means —— can say to go up is the financing on real significance. Then, the 30 million dollar of film invests way emerge as the times require: Make a budget first to the play, look for a world-famous insurance company to do again assure, borrow money successfully to the bank finally. Later, what like investment business place expects is same, film just was patted, euramerican copyright sold 20 million dollar, domestic sound auctions the day value that gave 17.8 million yuan again like copyright, still have stick an advertisement income, make the whole line of early days income of film waves red, the fast steam again of capital makes invest business confidence times add.
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