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From arrive from " of " in war nothing is too deceitful " of cheat of " business
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From arrive from " of " in war nothing is too deceitful " of cheat of " business not tire of: Is choke of Qin ┮ colour risked flag?

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The ” of alleged “ in war nothing is too deceitful in strategics is: “ arms person, cunning also. ” maintains the actual strength that obscures his before the war, cause the estimation of enemy mistake, next “ attacks his not to have equipment, do with sb unconscious. ” its gist: The drive that wants escape enemy and attack its apathy, disturbed enemy soldier's morale, make the enemy is kept constantly on the run, next wait at one's ease for an exhausted enemy gets a change to step in, it is alleged namely avoid solid attack theory, put aerosol to wait to be applied politicly more. Puzzle the enemy, protect oneself, next with one action is procurable.

The distinction with too big what to have after all to ” of cheat of “ business not tire of from ” of “ in war nothing is too deceitful? Are its identical constitutionally? Arms battle and trade war, there perhaps are a lot of similar places on method and method, but its are distinguishing substantially, both is not one and the same at all. Arms battle is the life with destroying the enemy, the fortune of plunder enemy is a target; And trade war is however in order to obtain more trading opportunity, more clinching a deal the forehead is a target; If everybody contrasts atmosphere, can come true even double win or win more. Trade war and the distinction with arms substaintial battle depend on former it is to use fortune to be in bet, and latter is to use a life to be in bet.

” of “ in war nothing is too deceitful, “ soldiers stands ” with cheat, these viewpoints all explain, the strongpoint of arms battle is not to say sincere letter, use con method adequately. In real trade war although also exist many by hook and crook, the con case of life-and-death exists, but not be the mainstream after all, will analyse from the essence of trade war should be: Trade war needs sincere letter, credit, and cannot use con method. From this, the core of trade war strategy is “ credence ” . The essence of trade war strategy is company credit and brand build and compose is built.

If the businessman wants to be in short-term inside the result that obtains defeat sb by a surprise action, adopt a few be deliberately mystifying, put smoke ball, let a competitor feel do not appear, look not clear oneself strategic intent, achieve the result of shock sex, market of quick race to control, above criticism also, but premise is the caustic device that cannot use harm others to benefit oneself and serpentine method.

Case: Market of L floor Hubei surrounds battle of break out of an encirclement from the country
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