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2008 Beijing Olympic Games is recessive sale is classical case reviews analyse
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games is recessive sale is classical case reviews analyse

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Beijing the Olympic Games was the platform that all businessmen think to use 2008. For the company that becomes sponsor of this Olympic Games to be being done not have more very much, the smooth ‘ that often can try to touch an Olympic Games lends chicken unripe egg ’ , search ‘ aperture ’‘ to insert needle ’ . Produced the ” of sale of “ recessive Olympic Games that says normally from this.

Sale of recessive Olympic Games (French is Marketing Trompeur, english is Ambush Marketing) , show by individual or substance place is undertaken, likelihood bright show or allude its and undertake country Olympic committee of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, international between, the commerciality correlation that does not exist in fact perhaps has between any activities with afore-mentioned orgnaizations, or although have definite correlation but the advertisement without afore-mentioned orgnaization accredit, conduct propaganda, commerce identifying or other activity. In short, sale of recessive Olympic Games builds ” of “ Olympic Games namely the car gets commercial sale act. BOCOG is to the definition of recessive market: Be not partner business try every means and Olympic Games to build false or the connection without accredit, be not partner business to violate the law that all sorts of protective Olympic figure and mark use, be not partner business the behavior of the activity of legal market development of partner of Olympic of interference of intended or undesigned ground.

“ congratulates beforehand ” of success of 2008 Olympic Gameses, it is the word that every Chinese blurts out likely, but if an enterprise is in his ad saying,want to use this blessing language to behave its commonweal morality, and the partner that this enterprise is not international Olympic Games Organizing Committee or BOCOG, so, this enterprise already “ fouls ” .

Ambush ” ability instead as the “ of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee and sponsor stronger and stronger, level is higher and higher, ”—— of commonly used before city of encircle a city of “ country bag buys advertisement of next competition ground periphery, tape the goods such as the banner enters wait for a method to had been out of order gradually, so, they can be dug only, develop more idea.

The road is high one feet, evil spirit is high one a unit of length. CCTV market studies an investigation of company CTR shows: In athletic dress industry, the informant that is as high as 37.4 % thinks Li Ning is the Olympic Games sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games, and Adidasi's acknowledge leads true Olympic Games sponsor to have 22.8 % only, and the cognitive rate that is able to bear or endure how to overcome and step is 18.2 % are mixed respectively 6.3 % , li Ning becomes mistake of sponsor of the Olympic Games in all brands to lead highest brand. When the Olympic Games sponsor that asks about insurance industry, below the circumstance that does not have clew, have 18.1 % suffer the person that visit to consider as restful insurance, 14.2 % consider as a Chinese birthday, and as the Chinese of Olympic Games sponsor the danger that keep money alludes rate is only 6.3 % , allude with what be not insurance of Pacific Ocean of Olympic Games sponsor rate differ very few.
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