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Effect of the 100th monkey
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Effect of the 100th monkey

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: This is a very interesting story. Go up century 50 time is prime, kyoto university spirit grows a flock of scientists of kind of institute, studying the monkey on island of favour of county of Qi of palace of Japanese a poetic name of China, they give a monkey a kind of potato that had never eaten. At first that group of monkeys should eat those potato that are stained with mud in wait-and-see —— all the time. There is a monkey eventually later, after washing yam belt clean to the seaside, ate. After other monkeys see this monkey is done so, also try in succession imitated.

Very wonderful, should arrive the 100th monkey is being imitated when cleaning, produce breathtaking metabolic —— to never had learned to wash the monkey of yam however, it is abrupt between one evening, learned this kind of new way almost; That is to say, other the monkey that does not know how to wash yam, although did not follow the monkey that has learned to contact, but also know this method actually.

More surprising is, did not lie between how long, the new act that washs yam unexpectedly transoceanic, pass the monkey of hill of the thither big Gao Qi that divide a county, but these two groups of monkeys do not have any conjunction or contact completely.

Alleged “ ” of 100 monkeys effect is to point to: When the amount of some kind of behavior, reach certain level (critical point) later, with respect to the limitation of can overtime sky, and distribute from former group other area. To the organization character, want to agree with the person of some kind of idea or behavior only, achieve the accession of certain level, meet naturally the self-identity that like a rising wind and scudding clouds obtains more person, support.

Scientist Xie Rui of England overcomes (e of k of a of r of d of l of e of h of S of r of e of p of R u p ) think: Ceaseless reduplicative behavior can form a kind of memory, also can not react via thinking namely. The repetition of 100 monkeys movement, formed ” of area of magnetic field of a kind of “ , other resonant ” of “ of generation of ” of area of magnetic field of the monkey that had not learned and this “ , and learned these behavior.

the point of view that learns from the organization, any new study or change, must somebody does not fear failure, be brave in to try, jump out to become first the first monkey, other talented person can follow imitated. Moreover, ” learns in “ group (g of n of i of n of r of a of e of L of m of T e a ) before, should have ” of group of a “ study first (m of a of e of T of g of n of i of n of r of L e a ) , be the first by them a demonstrative action, extend incidence stage by stage again. After till an organization wants to have very much person,be being agreed with, ability can achieve — of alleged and critical point to produce fast transmission result. Basis Japan manages the view of Great Master boat Mr Jing Xingxiong, have 7 % (become the left and right sides about) employee is accepted, can have striking progress. Of course administrative expert of the west also somebody thinks, in prompting the procedure that the company changes, want to have the employee self-identity of more than 20 % only, leadership undertakes boldly changing.
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