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Wall street collapses: ? of damask lax A is do-nothing and the pain that treats
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Tang Nasen speaks of, a lot of companies are in all the time the loss that underestimates scandal of ” of incident of water valve of indulgent “ company to make he is sufferred to the abominable influence of company reputation. “ is annual, the loss that the company is damaged because of fame and suffers, because violate,compare compasses although the fine that suffer and the loss more —— that suffer on litigant problem have some of company in recent years more and more realized this one menace clearly. ”

He forecasts say: You can say “ for certain completely, the company on in the end of advent of disaster of next great morality, also be the company that major director and place of tall canal layer did not value these problems certainly. ”“ this also is the vigilance that keeps taller, and the reason place that the program —— that set concerns permits to let people discuss those issues that discuss very hard in —— of tall canal layer especially. ”

Lead the challenge that force faces

Kapuli thinks, in today's commercial environment, when the direction that moves toward illegal direction to perhaps lack sense of responsibility when the company, often need a board of directors to undertake correction for the direction of the company. But, he speaks of, this kind of case appears rarely, normally the circumstance falls, becoming directorate member only is the “ before the firewood fulfil of apparitor of the —— when veteran ” and policy of share price link up with carry out “ veteran ”—— just can appear this kind of case. They more the peculiar problem ” that apt affirms and points out “ is occurrent now. But, he is in to —— of leader of new generation business duty field was walked into inside 10 years in the past, and the leader —— that prefers a group to fight also is full of a hope. They just won't be in because of the competitor so do, the action that makes an extreme individualistic turns whole industry the condition with aweather bigger risk. Because answer,Kapuli is attributed to means of this kind of thinking educational system the requirement place of the enterprise happens change, the enterprise asks more people can study recapture miscellaneous issue jointly with the form of the group. “ now, the systematic —— that people talks about the system that is based on a group, achievement and promotive link up with is in this system, it is a group is not a certain person assuming responsibility —— is not the thing with strange what any more. ”

Peacefully company (Enron) the scandal of collapse and other company explodes after going out, accounting profession also began to take the action of problem of certain check morality. A lot of orgnaizations built faceless hot line for employee, so that they reflect this kind of problem. Nevertheless, tang Nasen still speaks of, the problem that can create a company to fail really a little is too obvious really, essential need not hot line of secret of have the aid of. For instance, whole accounting profession once scored gain with covering the kind of dodge a tax of income. “ this kind of thing, when be in charge of a layer high to convene administrative meeting namely, although if awn is being carried on the back,feel,do not consider talking issue however. He says ” , “ normally, the money that has had a lot of was filled in to receive waist pack. ”
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