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Wall street collapses: ? of damask lax A is do-nothing and the pain that treats
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We should begin “ ponder over the issue with this kind of whether true active means. Kapuli says ” , this kind of incentive means is opposite “ it seems that chief very benefit from, but, really effective also to the company? This kind of kind is not right of course in more extensive society environment. Partner and the tall canal of those hold company stock people was immersed in a trouble, nevertheless, their trouble is arriving from unseen means dispersion with me in economic life. ”

Slashing controller, narrow view

Kapuli thinks, handler of a lot of wall street chose “ simply do-nothing and the administrative way that studies ” . He says, some handler believe firmly, wanted oneself to hire clever person only, the working achievement that is them offers favourable bonus drive, so, company management is met oneself of ” of “ success will come when conditions are ripe.

Kapuli ever was opposite in financial domain, the MBA graduate that has worked in investment bank domain especially has undertaken investigating, findings makes clear, the handler of these domains is behaved especially merciless and small effect. These handler offer feedback rarely, they hope employee stays for long in the office, although the job of employee does not have efficiency, and still can destroy the equilibrium between staff job and life. Long job covered the issue that lacks discipline and plan on management. All “ problems square with bonus, very much very much question so processing, according to the individual's performance expression is handled. Benefit of ” card general is in recent " manpower resource is in charge of high " write in the article of a column of the magazine. “ takes a risk to obtain the individual's target to not hesitate, even if so do meeting general someone else condition of danger of park of whole perhaps company, people appears wide make a group to accept this to plant. Masked failure to become behavior standard. ”

Warton's law and commercial ethnics professor hold Mass · Tang Nasen in the palm (Thomas Donaldson) speak of, high-level controller often narrow ground is dedicated at concerning the issue of own company, and the problem that produces to those is in in course of study of one's own profession did not give enough attention. “ and those problems and the connection that whole finance serves the question with course of study and more extensive banking are very close. The everybody of these industries, should suit to be in better slowly impendent crisis and moral problem. He says ” .

Although complex negotiable securities changes a process to make people very difficult determine the real value of asset, nevertheless, from the industry ab extra look, people sees very easily probably, housing price (special subject) case already expanded through spending. “ alarm bell is knocked early noisy with respect to this. ” Tang Nasen says, “ but, in a lot of large orgnaizations, the problem is being accumulated slowly all the time, company insider also knows the existence of these problems, but did not think of final meeting produces mutation. He points out ” , let broker company be his bear the inherent contradiction that sold negotiable securities offers research to report the place in this one process exists, it is the inchoate caution that can give an issue sooner or later.
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