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Decode system of Microsoft manpower resource
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Decode system of Microsoft manpower resource

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The technology of whole world of Microsoft Asia-Pacific area that in many industries many transnational corporation has worked supports a center (next weighing “CSS” ) when Lu Yaping of manager of senior human affairs speaks of the manpower resource of Microsoft nodding distinctly, mention: Microsoft emphasizes be oriented company culture with outstanding achievement from beginning to end, and ground of do one's best is inducted, education and promotive outstanding achievement are outstanding the employee that pledges with Gao Qian.

Guest banquet teachs business school of college of science and technology of professor of management of resource of manpower of politic sex of EMBA of business school of the Yangtse River, Hong Kong the lady shows collect month: “ an enterprise is long-term, efficient run and development cannot leave outstanding talented person. The manpower resource system of Microsoft is being attracted, education and respect of talent of tarry internationalization high quality are original. ”

Concept of 4 big invite applications for a job

Be in Microsoft, invite applications for a job has 4 main concepts: The first, “Hire The Best” (the person that enrols best show) . A lot of people talk, so-and-so is the person with right just in time to some post, microsoft does not think so. Because Microsoft is very big, wanting you only is a talent, microsoft can think method helps you find proper place certainly.

The 2nd, “Every Hire Is For Microsoft” , not only the angle from a certain post, and see applicant from whole appropriate to Microsoft, from culture, development the many sided such as latent capacity sees him suit Microsoft, after can making sure the person just comes in so, have very big flexibility.

The 3rd parting with the four fundamental operations of arithmetic is to value latent capacity and diversity.

Lu Yaping speaks of, the interview of Microsoft normally 5 come 6 rounds. To center of support of technology of Asia-Pacific area whole world, written examination can be made inside general segment, the content that contains inside has logic, mix relevantly with major other tests. Because CSS is right,global client offers a technology to support a service, so the 2nd round it is to use English interview, and the professional public figure that asks foreign nationality guards a pass. A few technologists can be asked to check the ability of technical respect, experience later. Again later it is business manager interview, the key is put in soft skill, for instance the ability of the respect such as efforts of culture, group. Finally normally still can a person that compares a high level inspects personnel quality and thinking ability from whole.
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