MBA tuition goes up sound a relevant college is answered with increasing fellows
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Next year tuition may continue to rise

The phenomenon that rises to appear at the same time with tuition still has many school in succession ” of “ arms expansion. Except hand in big outside, hua Dong division also has this plan greatly, zhu Gongmeng of director of office of graduate student recruit students tells a reporter, this school flies a class first this year, student amount is controlled for 120, next year this school plans enlarge to enrol 300 people left and right sides.

Each college rises extent is differ, mutual between also have certain effect. Dai Guojiang expresses, hand in enrol tone price and fellowship, enlarge this link up with at the same time greatly, this one practice is worth to draw lessons from, and money is mixed greatly answer dawn, hand in big MBA to run a school strength gap does not have current and tuitional place to show so great disparity, accordingly, money is big recruit students tuition rose possibly also again 2010 10 thousand yuan or so.

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