9 years MBA signs up 10 days to begin to remind about the branch noticed at 10 o
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9 years MBA signs up 10 days to begin to remind about the branch noticed at 10 o'clock

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Beijing signs up for net dispatch (reporter Li Li) after forecasting an end, recruit students of countrywide Master graduate student signed up formally 2009 be about to start to 31 days at 10 days. At the appointed time, examinee everyday 9 when to 22 when can log onto website of recruit students of Chinese graduate student (Yz.chsi.com.cn of public network network address; The system signing up that teachs Yz.chsi.cn) of net network address undertakes signing up.

Take an examination of this year grind the means that signs up to still adopt a net to report name and spot to affirm photograph tie. The spot affirms time is came 14 days on November 10, examinee goes to what make choice of signs up on the net to enter oneself for an examination by the relevant certificate such as card of identity document, graduation the dot undertakes information affirms, capture is expended and take a picture.

About the branch summary gave examinee to appear to be mixed at most the issue with advisory top rate, sum up went out at 10 o'clock note: 1. Enter oneself for an examination the option issue of the dot, do not have immediate impact with seat of registered permanent residence; 2. How to revise about information, whether modification problem, examinee is in when entering net syndicate interconnected system, the system can have relevant clew; 3. Inquiry and modification information must open time in net syndicate interconnected system inside, when the system is shut, cannot inquire; 4. Enter oneself for an examination category (blame is directional, prepare oneself etc) choice, if proposal examinee has doubt to be able to seek advice with connection of recruit students unit; 5. The registered permanent residence of examinee, archives must mandatory communicate a center to the talent or archives administration, when be being admitted otherwise, as a result of this the problem cannot move archives to move registered permanent residence, responsibility by examinee conceit; 6. Before on October 31 the system is shut, the net hands in examinee cost is successful can, there are any doubts to be able to dial 010-96102 to seek advice in be like the process that pay fee; 7. The specific option such as exam course has doubt to ask examinee and connection of recruit students unit to affirm; 8. Examinee can repeat sign up, but the spot can affirm only; 9. IE browser is used to get online when examinee signs up, shut relevant intercept software to wait; 10. About reserving of information fill in problem, the network that asks examinee to examine recruit students unit to release signs up for announcement.

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