"MBA couplet is taken an examination of " foreign nationality student is increas
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"MBA couplet is taken an examination of " foreign nationality student is increasing

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Report from our correspondent on October 10 9: 00, exam of countrywide graduate student signed up to begin formally 2009. In light of the number that from various authority door of Ministry of Education issues, “MBA couplet takes an examination of ” to become major of first of number signing up in recent years, foreign nationality student enters oneself for an examination increasing also.

Be in just the institute of Tsinghua be in charge of of enter a school in 2008 class student, have many 50 abroad student that comes from 13 countries. Occupy about in the amount of student of international of Beijing University MBA at present 30% , and be in in business school of Europe international work, international student was occupied 37.2% .

A controller introduces the Bebeyong orgnaization that according to holding count make one's rounds of Beijing of second abroad MBA exhibits, make one's rounds of all previous MBA exhibits the titbits on the meeting is large quantities of China students gather before famous foreign school exhibits a stage, and many foreign students gather in domestic school before exhibiting a stage, seek advice.

According to analysis of controller of project of some famous university MBA, the international student that reads MBA to China is the international project that approves domestic certain MBA to offer a little, some are the economic culture states that hope more comprehensive ground understands China, some are plans will come in Chinese obtain employment or do poineering work.

But, with abroad especially the photograph of international student scale of 50%-80% of a few famous business school is compared, the MBA international of domestic business school gives birth to an amount to still be in development phase