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Shanghai is handed in relax appropriately greatly couplet studies result

Shanghai joins big MBA staff member

Announced this year in August MBA shifted to an earlier date 2009 the plan of interview, recruit students policy and photograph of in former years are very older than having apparently adjust, according to new plan, from Summer 2009 MBA begins, the application that offers according to him examinee, by MBA leader group undertakes recruit students setting makes an on-the-spot investigation and discuss, the examinee with more outstanding arrangement takes an examination of ongoing travel to shift to an earlier date in couplet of MBA whole nation interview, the course sets a program, the school will relax appropriately countrywide couplet studies achievement demand.

C line adds on the foundation that will study line of A of line of written examination mark, B in couplet of whole nation of in former years, enter countrywide couplet to take an examination of “ to if couplet takes an examination of achievement to obtain C line,approve the examinee with ” interview outstanding achievement ahead of schedule and political qualification can be admitted directly.

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