MBA entered oneself for an examination 2009 5 big notes
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4, tuition of recruit students unit and persons qualified to teach

In recent years, tuition of school of recruit students of a few MBA is rising ceaselessly, also become the heat topic of everybody discussion, also rise in price to have veiled word quite to in successive years socially, this already caused those who teach a branch to take seriously. 8 years, it is good that relevant section already asked each school is handled collect fees the relation with the service, tuitional should the educational quality collection according to oneself, the whole that maintains MBA tuition thereby is smooth.

The persons qualified to teach is firm, from the point of in former years, quality of teachers of a few schools denounces not high time and again by the person. For this, degree of the State Council does to groom the key for these schools the persons qualified to teach of on 1000 people. According to estimation, with time of 10 years, can solve the problem that MBA persons qualified to teach shorts basically. 2008, group of stannum of Singapore weak horse is contributive 1.5 million dollar, the teacher that aids financially 5 universities such as Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan comes to Shanghai attend in a advanced studies, in order to drive western area MBA teachs start.

5, level of policy of each school fellowship

It is reported, degree of the State Council does will begin to roll out MBA fellowship system from this year, outstanding examinee will win considerable scholarship.

The tuition of MBA does not poor, be like 2008 answer dawn full-time (international) MBA project is 110 thousand yuan (contain a data to expend) , amateur squad project is 100 thousand yuan; Shanghai hands in great average class to be 88 thousand yuan, international class is 108 thousand yuan, other college is basic on Shanghai maintain in 60 thousand - 100 thousand. Before partial enterprise establishs MBA fellowship, and MBA fellowship system will be mixed the undergraduate students' fellowship is similar, quantity bedding face is wide, carry out detailed rules to establish specific standard according to respective circumstance by school of each MBA recruit students nevertheless.

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