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Federation was founded, Shandong University of Technology MBA
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December 19, the school set up MBA Association Conference held in Economics and Management, Vice President Jin Fengxiang, Li Dongyang, vice president of Graduate Education, Dean of Economics and Management, MBA Education Center, Wang Xinhua, administered by the Centre party secretary Wu Gaobo, administered Associate Dean, MBA Education Center Deputy Director Hou Guisheng attended the meeting and on the rostrum. Conference hosted by the Hou Guisheng. Wu Gaobo read out the decision to set up MBA Association and the Federation of the first list of officers. Wang Xinhua said in his speech, MBA Association is the home of all MBA students, hope and love for each participant to maintain the family and actively participate in the activities of the Federation, and actively offer advice and suggestions for the development of the Federation, so academic exchanges as students, enhance friendship, deepen feelings, improve the quality of MBA education platform, all MBA students and MBA education centers to build a communication bridge. Li Dongyang congratulated the establishment of the Federation, hoping to Features for Association, more results to show the community the school's strength and influence. He said the Association of the Graduate School will support the work of graduate education to become the school's brand, to promote school MBA education. Lan is the first MBA President of the Federation Youth Federation, said in his speech after the establishment of close links with the community federation, as well as provide a communication and exchange of MBA students to learn the platform. Jin Fengxiang behalf of the school congratulated the establishment of the Federation, and from the school size, faculty, disciplines, scientific research and so introduced the school. He said that after nearly two years of efforts, the school's MBA training has been achieved initial success, graduate and professional degree-based increase in the proportion of MBA education is to provide greater space for development. MBA School MBA Association was formed a major event in the development of education, hope that all MBA students valuable learning opportunities to grasp and cherish friendship classmate, a broad platform to take full advantage of MBA, complement, together, improve their comprehensive ability, and common MBA education in schools to promote healthy and steady development. After the establishment of the General Assembly, MBA Association held its first plenary meeting, read out the MBA Association Constitution. SEM responsible person, MBA Education Center staff and the 2010 MBA students participated in the inaugural meeting.