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MBA candidates how to learn to look at the issue during the interview out of the
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Desire to explore in depth the recent economic and financial aspects of the problem, but the author last weekend to observe, understand, learn the motivation to participate in the MBA in a college interview in 2010 will be the scene, after some mixed feelings, and points accumulated so-called cognitive things, Today would like to first state a few. Most of all walks of life interview members of the elite fought for many years. They should be said before the interview intimate knowledge of its capability to answer questions are also mostly in the discussion of specific cases, especially when the core issue to seize the last remedy. But precisely because of this, I have another worry. Probably in the beginning of this year, I wrote an article "Managers can not just half a circle of thought." Traditional candidates can go to Jane, to seize the problem itself solve the problem, of course, is to reach a high point, but imagine, from a low of around up to the highest point is only half to round it? Half of the circle is obviously not complete, so the program would go over the other half circle. The other half round is it? Here, in my opinion is, look at the issue out of the problem. Example, are hungry is a problem, grasp the problem itself is very easy to go buy food to cook. So what is there to buy some food issues, which have burned food problem first, and rinse dishes chopsticks problem. These links and a variety of problems that may arise at any time: for example, buy the food looks nice, take it home and open a very loud noise to see; such as food, said his wife bought home overpaid; such Caichao to half of the gas suddenly gone; also, for example, fell while washing dishes after dinner two months, and so on. So, seize the problem itself to solve the problem, sometimes takes a lot of thought and effort had to solve. So why not try out the problem of view the problem? Hungry, right, called a take-away Well, after eating a box fling, all the systemic problems will be nipped in the bud. Of course, this example is not necessarily very appropriate, I thought it would be an example of this may not be appropriate to show a relatively appropriate reason. Also, I found that most students attend MBA interview questions are also easy to fall into itself, is difficult to jump out of view. In this case, there is a discussion of the question to the effect that: an emerging director of digital products met the company's services, three questions, because the franchisees were not familiar with the product, do not understand that may cause a small number of parts demand products, high frequency; parts inventory o'clock disadvantages product; from damage during transport often, leakage, both pollute the environment but also affect the interests of the company. To the problem itself, very simple solution to the problem, the corresponding three points: First, the franchisee training, to familiarize them with product performance in order to inventory amount of parts prone to problems; Second, not every single store are located powerful spare parts inventory. The shop is now more popular models generally by region, and the establishment of regional flagship store, flagship store in all directions, auxiliary to open small and medium stores. Weight of pole should be located in the flagship store inventory, parts of the satellite store in the event of demand, may request the flagship store overall allocation. Analogy in order to deepen understanding, and we imagine a large flagship store in Shanghai is a big building in Shanghai can be described as everything, everything, of course, can not the surrounding satellite towns such as Central City, planned to be exhaustive, and improved building downtown, and then built and the traffic between the satellite, the entire large area not only functional, but also all bets are live. So the third problem is the transportation problem, the habit of thinking is to optimize the process and the like, but here we advocate the problem itself is still out to solve the problem, namely the introduction of a professional logistics company. Some logistics companies on the introduction of the idea of professional care tireless one, but let see, you will find that this is the strongest voice of the next era. The pattern of future business is certainly a large number of professional groups and joint development of the company's situation. Only a large group as the core intellectual property rights to the brand name of an entity exists, he grabbed his neck, just hold the nose, the other plate to the professional company can do. Now the international community has been very popular this enterprise operations management and control practices, and one domestic terms, but also to follow the well-known enterprises, such as Metersbonwe, the enterprise needs to do is to maintain and strengthen the brand, production, marketing, logistics and even Research all the companies can be contracted to professionals. Enterprises in the case of not fully assured, you can send someone to enhance individual communication with the professional company or guidance. And this idea is the vision and National Cheng Kung University's direction. In addition, the materials explain, support and customer service support for parts of three departments belong to the same system, the material that's very clear that the current support is only fitting problems, the system is operating normally the other two departments. So look at the issue out of the problem is another manifestation of the normal operation to seize the two other departments to help it. Do not assume that such assistance is the proper meaning in the title, in fact, we want to emphasize that this system is operating normally, a division of close contact with customers and maintain communication. We talked about the issue in front of the bounce is to look at problems to solve professional company, here we look at the issue emphasize the problem is to jump out of the customer to help solve the specific forms such as can be to design a support for problem solving related accessories questionnaire approach, and then normal operation issued to the customer service support, to close up. Sometimes the system each individual is judged subjectively on their own, in fact, probably just assume it. Jump directly to ask about the customer, all the problems that may be solved. Efficient and avoid passing the buck like internal friction within the system.