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MBA Reading: Top Ten Most Stingy pull the more money the more wealthy
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Some people say that the more wealthy people more Stingy, according to this logic, then, at home and abroad must be the world's top billionaires top miser. Full Stingy wealthy, they do not give up the money, but some people still maintain the tradition of plain living before the start, some people are "contests children." Anyway, for the rich, the luxury of innocence, and cheap and even more glorious ... First Place: Formosa Plastics Group Wang Yung-ching In 2006, "Mondale" 500 rich list in China, Taiwan, a total of 7 people list, Formosa Plastics Group founder Wang Yung-ching came in second, his personal assets as much as 43 billion yuan, but rather his life. Simple. The top floor of his Formosa Plastics has opened up a vegetable garden, his mother died, he ate the food of his own species. Taiwanese coffee creamer like to join the ball, use the spoon to scoop each time the total number of Wang Yung-ching coffee containers will be fitted cream ball, wash, and then fell back to the coffee cup in, is not wasted. Life, his very thrift: the rest with a small piece of soap, but also continue to use the stick on the block; towels every day doing fitness exercise, a towel and took 27 years. Wang is also a very low-key person, never accept personal interview. In his eyes, a man working hard on it, do not tell you their personal experiences. In this chaotic era, he adhered to his own behavior, stick with a traditional industry. Second: Chinese richest man Li Ka-shing 2006 United States, "Mundell" 500 rich list in China, Li Ka-shing to 158 billion yuan ranked No. 1. Their clothes and shoes for what brand, but not how stress. Bad shoes, throw a pity that Li Ka-shing, can still make good clothing, so he has five pairs of ten pairs of shoes are old. ; Suit to wear eight or ten years is the norm. Li Ka-shing the morning of the morning, most of the time playing golf, or swimming, then they have to join the busy work. Adhere to the tradition of wearing a blue suit, wearing a watch worth only $ 26. Like to see a wide variety of books, mostly philosophy, politics, economy, Chinese culture and new technologies book. Li Ka-shing about 20% of the time spent on charity, has donated 500 million U.S. dollars, used in Hong Kong, China and the United States and Britain to build schools, hospitals, and conducting medical research activities, the future is also preparing to invest more to charity more energy and money. Third: Mengniu Group Niu Gensheng Niu Gensheng, chairman of Mengniu Group is to pull on their own. Sit under the Volvo, BMW, its displacement is not only a great ride Audi; even the senior management team for all the house than the big cow. Public places, Niu Gensheng always tied the tie piece 18 dollars, above the green grassland, yurts, cows, and Mengniu's LOGO. Even more incredible is that every time Niu Gensheng travel to Beijing to live in Mengniu Beijing Office - never more than a three-star hotel. An interview with reporters here, when he saw his room, bed and bedside cabinets are a little too old, appears to some dazzling white sheets. Some of the walls mottled, reddish feet under the carpet color is difficult to clean. Open the trunk, which stood for a few simple pieces of clothes. While this can be considered a suite, but the living room coffee table are placed in melon seeds, peanuts - it has become guests in public areas, there is a sofa and even some collapse. Some people say I'm a show, do a show, I say easy, but do show many times, life is difficult at the show. Niu Gensheng said. Together people scattered fiscal, financial scattered people together is the word he used to say. Back in Erie work, Niu Gensheng to charity. Yang Wenjun, cow hands of a college student, just graduated two years, getting married, but also raising the purchase, his peasant family background, four fifty dollars monthly wage, there is no economic strength. He moved West, the East together a 2,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan but even worse, how do? Active cow said to him: that 2,000 I can help you find a way, you do a good job on the line. Ten years later, this year the staff has become president of Mengniu Group. This is my biggest support. Yang Wenjun bring this matter now, still agitated. This now seems very small number, but it is the wages of Yang Wenjun, three or four years time, had never been seen basically can not imagine how long it takes off on yet. Yang Wenjun said at the time their total assets is 5,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan of which was borrowed, and 40% of the total assets are borrowed to the beef. Suppose I have now sold 50 million shares, I will not be 40% of my money to lend? Yang Wenjun, so ask yourself. A few years later in 1999, Niu Gensheng forced to leave the Queen, he had the ship all paid off. When Yang Wenjun and his wife to discuss, to work for 10 years of savings all out, follow the cow to the business, he can not think of one of the risk. Niu Gensheng met the other seven and 20 years or so friends, are also almost all his possessions out, in addition to that bull's eye, but also because they recognized Niu Gensheng, tolerance and open mind, that does not follow the old ox disadvantage. In 2004, Hong Kong-listed Mengniu, Mengniu's senior management team all of a sudden a lot of mass million millionaires, these entrepreneurs investment then turned a few times. Fourth place: New Hope Group Liu Yonghao Liu Yonghao Although various richest apparition, but he said I had a net worth of not too concerned about the rich. I actually use, eat, wear is very simple. If the assets of more than 10 million, is more a sense of social responsibility. Mr Liu in charge of the New Hope Group has invested over the past 10 years, five million in the western rural areas, while the next 5 years, 10 billion he wants to vote in the new rural construction in the west, so that urban residents enjoy their meat, eggs, milk also allow more farmers brothers get jobs, build confidence, have more self-esteem. Mr Liu admit, he is the age of 16 most wanted to eat white rice, sweet potatoes, and later when the teacher is the most want to eat cooked pork. The results did not change this habit now, and I know people who travel, I generally on the point of bean curd, twice-cooked pork, ants on the tree three dishes. Like reading newspapers, like sports, board hill, not board the mountains, like photography, swimming, often with a camera around, the tourism and leisure, learning together, but not golf, not surfing. Mr Liu's hair changed over a decade of CCTV, was to tease out who waited a long time, said his industry did not like the most is the hair industry. Mr Liu laughed and said he never burns to the head, 5 yuan / times are cut. We are not rich overnight are well aware of the hardships and difficult business; heritage of our business is sound practical, life softly, because our goal is to create a century of hope. All pragmatic, do not speak pomp, not undeserved reputation, no smoking, no drinking, no playing cards, spending a day not more than 100 yuan, food and clothing casual, decent on the line. Mr Liu and the staff to regularly eat in the cafeteria, and staff share a toilet, the staff was cordial, close, Mr Liu did not like to participate in a lot of parties, Mr Liu that eat in the cafeteria or at home, compared friendly, warm. New Hope Group, the new President Office Zhao Yun told reporters one thing: the 1997 National Day, Liu, president and group a number of senior management level inspection tour in Shanghai, eating late, few people eat the food stalls in the Nanjing Road, Lara beef noodles, 3.5 yuan a bowl, Mr Liu had finished, shouting delicious, delicious. Early December 2000, Hunan Satellite TV has more words to say part of New Hope Group invited Mr Liu, Xing Bao, president of Hainan Zhang Xingmin, Sina CEO Wang Zhidong, Yin Mingshan, Chongqing Lifan Group, to do a show, the hosts suddenly find that their four feet shoes not the same. The host asked Zhangxing Min: Will Mr. Zhang Xingmin, your feet, what brand of shoes to wear, how much money to buy it? Zhang Xingmin told Moderator: This is the alligator shoes I spent 8000 yuan to buy the. Show host turned to Mr Liu: Will Mr. Liu Yonghao, you buy what brand of shoes? How much? Mr Liu smiled and said: I do not know what brand, I bought the stand which is down from the stand and spent more than 100 dollars. Enrich the rich but lived a simple life, which is Mr Liu different places with many successful; This is the new hope that 18 boom years did not fall to the reason! Keep a clear head, maintain a high entrepreneurial passion, this is a new goal to become the best interpretation of a hundred years old, is the endless struggle of people new hope catalyst. Mr Liu told by an ancient teaching staff of New Hope Group: listing the previous generation of country and family, as the thrift failure by the extravagance! Fifth place: Malaysia's richest man, Robert Kuok Kuok is an outstanding entrepreneur, the richest man in Malaysia. Wang, who is also one of two he was, first to enjoy Asia's reputation as the king of sugar, then another hotel called the king, but his career is not limited to this. From sugar, hotels, real estate, shipping, mining, insurance, media to the grain, he created a huge business empire, but also created numerous miracles. Kuok do not like the spotlight, do not love publicity swagger, never show off their wealth, and frugal, simple, approachable style, always reflect his authentic gentleman, won his friends, subordinates and even the opponents of the unanimous praise. He has always been a crowded subway to work, for him the most extravagant thing a taxi to work. He was wearing almost no clothes on the hundred dollars. This is known as the father of Shangri-La's big boss, the office has been dubbed the pigeon nest guests, desk and sofa style is still more than a dozen years ago, he said, that is good and clean; he never sat limousine, he said the company's BMW and Lincoln for the foreign guests and expert services; he never wore designer clothes, do not wear brand-name watches, wrist Li Ka-shing said the rich are only wearing an ordinary spreadsheet. He did not pursue a catchy title, is very pragmatic, speech concise, work steadily and surely. Although he and Ma, New Zealand and many important people have a deep personal friendship, but he in addition has served as Ambassador of Malaysia and Chairman of Malaysia Tourism Board and other staff, the few out politicians, maintain a low-key style. Kuok in his later years was an active advocate of public welfare. January 2005, Kuok, through its Kerry Oils & Grains (China) Company, the chair of the China Youth Project Hope Foundation donated 50 million yuan. Starting this year, five years of economic difficulties for several children of migrant workers per person per school year from 600 to 900 yuan in grants to help them complete their studies. Kuok in a letter to the Foundation, wrote: I always say that life, you have to do two things: first, to work hard, work hard, and arrangements for family life; the same time, we must help those in need in education people. This community will be harmony, stability and progress. Sixth: "The world shipping tycoon," Pao Biography: Zhejiang Ningbo. In the world with 10 billion USD of assets is one of 12 Chinese billionaires. Shanghai Zhongxing early into the school, after school into the Wusong merchant. 1937 dropped out of school ... World shipping tycoon, prominent businessman once famously Pao Yue Kong, he said: In business, every penny saved, it will make one point increase in profits, savings and profit is directly proportional. Many foreign business people is what kept the character of this fine, that makes them continue to succeed. Some people have laughed at Pao Yue Kong shipping tycoon is not a real, just a banker. Sentence words of half right. Pao Yue Kong shipping tycoon is not in the traditional sense, because he abandoned (or did not follow) the same old way, but the style with his bankers, methods to manage his fleet, in others it seems inconceivable that practice, but the success of today, there Who can say he is not really shipping tycoon? Pao believes that customers rent the boat, the main problem is to determine the ship work at full capacity when the maximum number of days in order to determine a fixed and predictable amount of deferred compensation, so that a mutually satisfactory contract. Pao also strive to improve the operation of old ships in order to obtain a higher rent levels, and reduce the cost of fuel and personnel. Perhaps the reason is the former banker, Pao control costs and expenses for special attention. He has always insisted the company would not let him spend the captain of a penny, he always said: do not spend with the goal of those who has a relationship with the rest. He also does not allow management of technical aspects of the person in charge to pay repair costs directly to the dock because they do not have the money consciousness. For many years in the Pao Yue, a senior staff around recalls: In my day at his service, he gave me the work instructions are conveyed by a handwritten note. White used to write the note, are making paper, tissue paper crude, but if you write a line of narrow strips, he would tear the word written in a long note sent out this is the case, the size of a sheet of paper White can also write three or four most instructions. Only a fifth of the white paper notes, the rest should not have wasted away, this is the province of the Pao Yue Kong when the principle should be. Pao has a fleet of 1981 to surpass the United States or the Soviet Union and other countries the total tonnage of the fleet. Someone asked him is not always sit flying charter flights? Pao said he was eating radish pickles Ningbo grew up in the country, how can I take the charter flights? Pao hotel waiter to get change of clothes is always surprising - so ordinary commoner, what brands do not. Later, in October 1984 he left home boss back to the first set back to his home after an absence of forty minutes package Ningbo Chuang City, Village, a village women brought him a few hot boiled eggs. Pao Yue Kong took home the eggs, the heart is blowing hot again. Exaggeration to say that the world has the world's shipping tycoon, what a gift to impress him? Yes. Were sent home hot eggs. He Zifeng thrift, charity, has donated the construction of Great Dragon Hotel Beijing, Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhaolong Library, Hangzhou, Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool, etc., but also advocated setting Pao Siu Loong Pao Yue Kong Chinese students Scholarship Fund, donations earthquake relief. For home construction, the State Council shall appoint consultants in Ningbo Economic Development Coordination Group, Ningbo-Hong Kong Association, Association for the Promotion of Ningbo's economic construction and the honorary president, donated 50 million yuan to create Ningbo University, and Juan Zijian Pao Yue Kong Library. Seventh: Li Shufu, Geely Group Li Shufu, worth hundreds of millions, often out of home and abroad, but the origin of rich Stingy poor style, known as its worth. In Mr. Li's wear, the most famous is his pair of shoes. In an interview with China Central Television interview, Mr. Li was the spot to take off his shoes, said the wearing of Zhejiang, a production of shoes, affordable, durable. Price is only 80. Is this pair of shoes. Mr. Li admitted true side, putting his shoes in front of exhibits at a press conference today, not too busy to polish, polish is very nice. These shoes have been worn for two years. At the same time, he took his shirt sitting next to assistant to the president asking, how much our shirts? 30. Assistant to answer. This is cotton, the quality is very good. Said Li Shufu, Geely took the words printed on their shirts to allow journalists to see. Interview the same day as the morning's official, Mr. Li is considered a very particular about the clothes. Clothing and another on Mr. Li's story took place in Beijing. It is said that once Mr. Li came to a subsidiary company in Beijing to inspect the building in front of the company to stopped by security, security, why not let him into the doors of the parlor, because migrant workers out of the building declined. Geely insiders said Li Shufu, Geely is difficult to see employees more than 500 yuan to buy clothes, asked the secretary to buy a suit, it is also a particular emphasis on the 300 dollars. Usually, Li likes to wear a yellow jacket does not pull grumble; to wear uniforms in the plant altogether, as well as the number to the number, Mr. Li seems to suit only a slightly better point, which is a very important occasion he was wearing image of the service. 300 on this body suit, wearing over the world. Mr. Li said, pointing to his body suit, s fine. Similarly, the internal management is adhering to Li Shufu, Geely's style, said Li Shufu, Geely staff travel requirements of airport, the same time if there are discount tickets, determined not to be full price tickets. It is also because of Mr. Li's Stingy, Geely have a greater cost advantage, Geely Automobile has been to maintain the optimal level of price in its class. Eighth: Terry Gou Hon Hai Group Richest man in Taiwan, Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou has been like a story: a man to ask of a millionaire how to get rich, rich man said: Please wait, the story is very long, I say turn off the light. In Gou seems to be to get rich from a small place every save resources, the basis of wealth is not wasted. His desk is a patchwork of several conference tables, seating was originally an iron with a chair for a dozen years later only under the doctor's advice for a new chair. It was concluded that the secret of Hon Hai to make money in a provincial word. Working hours, the company corridors separated by bright lights; lunchtime, diners all the office lights off. Basically no room decorations, carpet is the cheapest. Gou friends this is often made fun of tasteless, but he said: I can not afford something now? But if I engage in taste, shareholders should worry about. Ninth: Leap Group chairman Qiu Jibao Leap Group Chairman Qiu Jibao, though they have millions of assets, life is notoriously simple. So far, he was still with his wife in his own company employees living in company warehouse loft. That is not what the presidential suite, but is not poised, but a mere tens of square meters of low light house. He said, I live in the warehouse primarily to facilitate the work, and the company after work here is very quiet, not noisy urban areas, just to think about point problem, and also avoid unnecessary contacts, why not? He also stressed that the main purpose of this is for convenience, because the place of work from home to only two minutes. Similarly, in order to work in order to save time, Qiu Jibao total stood behind the car inside a box of instant noodle. He said that if not for entertainment, he would rather eat a bowl of noodles, enough to eat, but also save time. X Name: Richard Chang SMIC SMIC President Richard Chang from the savings that I start the. Richard Chang SMIC living in staff quarters, usually work meal to eat the lunch that is 7 yuan; for fuel, do not take the displacement of 1.6 Richard Chang Santana, but take the economic displacement of 1.3 cars. Business travel, we all sit in economy class. If you go to the United States to visit clients, take a business class seat in economy class than in a savings of almost 2000 dollars, if we have 1,000 people a year travel this year can save 200 million dollars. 200 million dollars can buy equipment, and for some products, more than one device can increase the production capacity of 1000. This is why the budget for the same equipment we buy is always more than others, productivity than others. Many companies in the cover when plants generally hire outside the office, we are next to the repair of a metal housing, as a temporary office, and other plant cover, we can use the metal housing when the warehouse, but also can save one or two machines out of out. SMIC has done a lot of power. Lights are partitioned, it was the place before opening, while no one is turned off. Our recovery process is the highest in the world of water, 80%; our factory in Beijing is the first chip factory recycled water, all water can be recycled.