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Pacific China Agricultural University MBA Team Case Presentation
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October 30, 2010, Shenzhen Development Supply Chain Finance 2010 (sixth) Chinese MBA Business Case Competition in the North Division finals was held in Tsinghua University. Detachment of the China Agricultural University, the eighth case of the Pacific Team Record display the text: You judge the teacher, good afternoon! I am a China Agricultural University, the Pacific team. We show's theme is "China Enterprise Strategy of the new decade and the implementation," we try to give a specific recommendation can be implemented. Today, the structure shown is that, first business case analysis. In the sub- Based on the analysis, due to time constraints, we can not cover everything, so we want to focus on several issues from the start, the recommendations of our in-depth analysis. The last part of the implementation of the strategic vision for the future. The establishment of corporate power in the first 11 years of historical review, a process that we are all very understanding, we focus on to explain that in 2004, we believe that enterprise development is the key year, because this is an important period of strategic change , 2004 years will determine the implementation of the strategic position of our business and we are now faced with the development platform, the new ten-year strategy is a strategic entry point to the beginning of 2004, based on this we were inside and outside the enterprise SWOT analysis, the first 11 years in the business development process, we have accumulated a very significant advantage, and we also face many dangers and weaknesses. Today, we focus on solving business proposed to solve the current problems Explained by our team members below the other two issues. Hello everybody! Liu way I was on the 2nd team, we propose mainly two aspects: one is the personnel, the other for the complexity of the competitive environment, to increase brand visibility. A proposed measures: personnel management, we all know can play Military victory may not be able to manage the national, corporate power has been playing in a very beautiful battle, facing the problems of persons, for policy makers, with the corporate values to classify, identify who made him a better understanding and to lead a good ten The implementation of strategic planning; who do not agree with the staff, with some acceptable way to make him empty out the Gang Wei, and ultimately had just been hired to do, for the execution level personnel, we must set a good Gangwei KPI, agencies conduct supervision and examination by the functional Nucleus. Integration from the integration of people into the sector and then to break down the implementation of integrated products. All in all, in personnel management, we must unify their thinking, uniform standards for all to pull together ten-year strategic plan. I was 3 players. Proposed play two: brand marketing. First, sort out their own strengths through the connotation of the brand, what its advantages? Power on the Enterprise Group, China Digital Group is, to integrate the resources and Brothers Accumulated many years of accumulated data of its own to achieve the customer's personalized recommendation. Secondly, the use of the headquarters of the advantages of centralized bombing, brand promotion, the first bombing of a brand is IBM, this stage is the Founder, any goods Promotion of brand promotion are based on star products, such as Alibaba's business platform, as well as Microsoft desktop operating system, I feel different from the CE Dongli Alibaba Where is it? Alibaba as bazaars, if you buy Shoes, you can choose to buy your favorite shoes, the shoes is a big market, or a large clothing market, you buy something that one may not be suitable for you, the corporate power is personalized recommendations made, in my This design is good A set of clothes for you, but the clothing is cheap, Alibaba.com is the largest shopping malls, the prices are stores. Be sure to impress clients reputation, good customer word of mouth is the best word of mouth, some problems early in the change, follow-up services , Staffing, sales force personnel are good and bad, will inevitably cause some unnecessary losses, the future must take the good word of mouth, the use of internal staff, the company has more than six thousand employees, we must improve staff The company's brand awareness, promotion of the employees, this force is not Gulin's. Hello everybody! Li Fei, I was the 4th team, we have not the same as with the earlier, the main focus of analysis from two questions about corporate change, an internal staff management, marketing, brand management, the second outside the enterprise, mid-2004 power Become a very brilliant results achieved, the basic problems to solve, if we can manage the internal and external brand marketing staff do a good job change to consolidate the results of 2004 and further to achieve better results, we believe that not To ten years through three steps: integration, differentiation and leadership. Moderator: Thank you! Have requested the judges questions. Question: people management is your key strategy for companies who do not agree to the option and cash for why the identity of the people just understand and implement it? A: Identity of the person is in the position, so he better implement the ten-year strategic plan, people who do not agree, they are also the old company employee, so he gave up the right position now, to be acceptable to his way of So he was satisfied to leave the company after the departure will not have to be satisfied with where we discuss a more appropriate way. Answer: We mainly make internal changes taking into account the more stable, since it has been let out of the job, try to compensate with money and avoid big fluctuations, we are more likely to show mercy. Answer :2004-2009, change is between the reform of the enterprise, the next decade, deepening the reform strategy, how to enable enterprises to go better, so that the right people in the right position, because he is a crisis when the team formed, So this should deepen the reform. Mu Yun Five: I talk about feelings, I think you will not be so nervous, you are too nervous, especially the first students, certainly not your usual expression is the case, really did not need to be so serious, because this is our show Stage, the stage is not to accept other people tortured, when my comments or if there is any question if you do not as extreme burden on the real market and business environment, those words than I have to be more exciting. Moderator: Thanks for the wonderful performance of the Pacific team!