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SEM Mount Everest China Agricultural University MBA Team Case Presentation
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October 30, 2010, Shenzhen Development Supply Chain Finance 2010 (sixth) Chinese MBA Business Case Competition in the North Division finals was held in Tsinghua University. China Agricultural University, thirty-SEM Detachment Team Everest Record display case text: Team 1: Members judges Hello everybody! We are the China Agricultural University Institute of Economics and Management Everest team, I'm One Xujiang Bing, case competition for two teams left now, and tired all day, hard, and hopefully we Behind the two teams for everyone to lift their spirits, if a little surprise for the better. We report on the body is subject to the first brand of innovation, capital, such as mountains, water business, loss of cash flow, even the best companies will become barren. Water wisdom, moist wealth. Today's report is divided into five parts, the first brand background, supply chain finance is the biggest charm is that of commercial paper or trade goods for mortgage loans. Shenzhen Development in 2000 launched a pilot project in the Guangdong branch Financing until May 18, 2006 officially launched the brand strategy. 07 started an online project now, to the first half of this year has made great achievements. The second part of the brand personality of speaking, I would like you to look at the development of supply chain finance deep identification, three seconds, is not giving us the same consensus, like a mathematical symbols infinity. Supply chain finance is a huge Market, the shape of the chain from the supply chain, reminiscent term, extension and more large. Improve the business environment through brand building, promotion of market growth, enhance the brand reputation and influence. I ask a question , Please think about what brand? Who mentioned a product that is best, we put forward which product is best. Shenzhen Development Industry Supply Chain Finance to do the inside of the Red Horse. The next part is the marketing strategy to build the first brand in the process, the development of the use of the two deep-killer, the first is innovation, supply chain financial credit rating system is the development of research and development of deep core products, the second is the system Set industry standards. Strategy to promote low-cost high-end line, the Shenzhen Development launched a dedicated, professional, expertise, experts, which is for companies to focus, and professionalism, expertise, experts on financial talent requirements. I We all can imagine, if a demand is real, get a long very decent, very confident, and he also has the expertise of the expert-like, so that a salesman who still had to resist. In After many years of business process, the deep development has made many honors, but their business also achieved great success, which honors one by one I will not elaborate. The fourth section describes the analysis of brand market. Preconceptions to the deep development has brought many advantages for development, industrial development has brought many opportunities, but because of the limitations of their size and external environmental pressures, in the further development of the brand Show, there is a certain pressure and threats. With GDB, Industrial Bank, including the influx of foreign banks, to a certain impact on the development of deep, and each bank has its own expertise, I will not say anything in detail the. Part V focuses on what we want, our group believe that the development of supply chain finance deep-brand marketing is quite a success, but our team is also here are some suggestions: As the business from the first phase of innovation to the development of stable, we believe that brand marketing should 1 + N N +1 to the conversion, specifically, to seize the supply chain core business, the core business is not necessarily the largest The Companies, but research should focus on core business, to downstream enterprise customers to drive rapid growth. The second is to spare no effort to increase awareness of service, to maintain the reputation among customers and customer loyalty. Now society Bullish on the banking industry is smelling, it is instead an opportunity for the development of deep, if we change from passive to active service, which is a good deep development opportunities. Third, there is increased focus on the details of the City Field research and attention. The fourth is to continue to maintain risk prevention and control, not because of fierce competition, the prevention of risks to relax, to shareholders, the people responsible for the development of the last wishes of deep glory! Our team I am particularly grateful to the members for their efforts in this case study, thanks to the help of students of Tsinghua University, thanks to the judges a hard day. Thank you! ZHAO: do you a bit tired, but you're very passionate speech so that we wake up, I wanted to listen to three other players how they understand this proposition? Team 2: For branding, I'll say one, in fact, not only is the brand promotion of brand promotion, as well as the brand he represents the content and promotion of the concept has. There was such a case in Dalian, the news That a particular business, ordinary people to apply for major commercial banks, the final result? We have gotten into the Dalian City Commercial Bank. One is that the concept of commercial banks in general, not just the middle peasants, workers built a large business Industry, banks, commercial banks or small, there is a narrow municipal commercial banks commercial banks, credit unions are developed from the former. Cite this example to say that, deep in the promotion of supply chain finance the development of this Concept, first of all I think it should be to the majority of the owners of SMEs and entrepreneurs, 解释 in the end What is Supply chain finance, supply chain finance will be covered, or it can represent the business, and can give the Services to small businesses the convenience of what the supply chain when SMEs want to do financial business at home when the first thought must be deep development. Team 3: I of advice, we mentioned earlier, low-cost high-end line, at this point, I think can be achieved in this regard as we introduced the students have a strong sales professional ability I agree Their brands, directly to the unit 1, this effect will be to promote better.