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Who comes to those who support business school source of student contend for the
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“ we present recruit students object, basically be state-owend enterprise and illicit look forward to commonly the 2nd generation. The handler of state-owend enterprise new choose concerns because of the age, a lot of have university record of formal schooling only, a few lower even. To them, study is a target, take a diploma same very important also, only such, they just have right to speak in the enterprise. Opposite for, they come to a little bit the power that go to school is greater. The 2nd generation comes illicit look forward to the target of the target of study and state-owend enterprise handler is about the same, but rich illicit look forward to advocate can send children go abroad, in the EMBA on home a few less. To astute proprietor of an enterprise, the price here is too expensive, the likelihood is not economical, but the reputation that also has strong renown school comes, the person with domestic familiar after all school is much. This teacher says ” .

From tuition for, what this teacher says is a fact really. 2005, shanghai hands in what recruit EMBA student greatly to collect fees is 210 thousand, the Sino-US and joint EMBA of answer dawn was achieved 330 thousand, native land EMBA was achieved 230 thousand. And in light of the educational circumstance from whole China MBA, number of MBA recruit students still is expanding ceaselessly, according to Chinese MBA education coachs Tong Yunhuan weighs committee secretary-general, the whole nation entered oneself for an examination 2005 the examinee of MBA reachs 50 thousand person, of formal school admit a number to be 8000 people. Tuition criterion differs to 80 thousand yuan of Beijing University from 24 thousand yuan of Guangxi university.

And look from another respect, at least to MBA education skimp takes traditional sex college more. On June 28, 2005, the audit report of the case of financial 2003 to college of 18 central affiliated to a ministry income and expenses that national audit arrange announces shows, college of 18 central affiliated to a ministry collects fees without approval, exceed a standard to exceed limits to collect fees etc add up to 868 million yuan, grow 32% than going up one year, occupy 14.5% what collect fees entirely in those days; The main source that without the attend in a advanced studies of approval tuition of cost, MBA becomes ” of library of Xiaojin of 18 colleges “ , in all 644 million yuan.

Say from this meaning, MBA education of China is by MBA student is being fed.

Accompany and come, be opposite source contend for. Competition is reflected especially in the —— on body of high grade source of student high grade source of student is obtained in the future for the business school contribute money offerred possibility. Before the Yangtse River a few period in EMBA student, included to resemble industry of aviation of central backup committee member, China Lin Zunming of vise general manager of the first group, associate the group is senior Zhejiang of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of vice-president Yu Bing, whole nation all preciouses jade group president Wang Junyao (deceased) , Liu Jiaxu of CEO of Hai Hang group, china number is standing the business circles distinguished personages such as deputy total Lin Yang. To the circumstance of source of student, xiang Bing of dean of business school of the Yangtse River does not wish to talk more it seems that, “ wants the school to had done only, nature of source of student is not problem ” .
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