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Who comes to those who support business school source of student contend for the
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To the Yangtse River, main now financing source is tuition and the support of Li Jiacheng foundation. “ Mr Li Jiacheng is affirmatory, 8 to 10 years in offer necessary financing to support ” for business school of the Yangtse River.

And even if with in Europe MBA average per capita 150 thousand yuan tuition, also cannot planish its cost. The development of Europe relies on European management to develop fund greatly in investment of investment, government, enterprise is sponsorred and in the Qian Wei that travel EMBA project and EDP earn Ou Jin is held.

When in Chinese MBA education starts, fudan University to the foreign enterprise —— that enters China the earliest big group has sought help. Answer dawn manages memory of Lian of prexy Zheng Dai to say, they should fly 8 classes at that time, hope the president Xie Guomin of big group supports 800 thousand yuan, wither to agree very quickly and send a sum of money.

But, according to reporter investigation, it is in 89 MBA schools of domestic, the proportion of expenses of cost of school of foreign subsidy contributing money is very small, they need time to await their student achievement to become great exploit, job of the state-owend enterprise in needing time to await is formidable capable to feed back education.

Next story follow a rational line to do some work well.

With the “ that the tower overcomes small ” photograph is compared, the current situation that Chinese MBA teachs can use “ big ” to describe. Europe industrial and commercial management learns the Yan Jun of recruit students director of the courtyard in, the figure that discloses to the outside in a circumstance is, the class norm that Europe MBA teachs in is 62 people, but in Europe thinks this number appreciably is a few bigger.

Actually opposite at Chinese home a few otherer MBA education, the whole scope of Europe is mixed in class dimensions does not calculate big. Be in Beijing, the MBA class norm of many colleges is in 100 people above, some is the EMBA class with a more powerful practicality opens 100 people above even.

Charge violent wind rises, big fight of source of student

2005, business school of the Yangtse River raised the tuitional —— of full-time MBA to mention 220 thousand yuan of 2005 from 148 thousand yuan of with one action 2004 substantially, rise in price the maximum price that extent close 40%—— achieved tuition of domestic full-time MBA.

An EMBA teacher tells a reporter: Normally the circumstance falls, the EMBA class of a high price, the tuition of a student is in 20 arrive between 300 thousand yuan of RMBs, and this is tuitional merely, other charge all does not calculate inside. To omnibus university, the school should be carried above all 30% to the administration fee of 50% , the cost of education is in 30% the left and right sides. “ recruit students situation is bad now, but a class should have enrolled 50 people only, it is the income of 10 million above, after all, academic net income is in 500 thousand above. He says ” , “ you are OK infer why what EMBA education of home develops so now is fast. ”
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