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Cheeper EMBA is too unusual cause controversy
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  as we have learned, parents is taking day sky everyday course of so called EMBA. Attend class to be not delayed, every day can have a meal time is compressed. Look at the child to sleep everyday flounder of ground of eye Xing Song is on endless study road, every day parents also bud the idea that exits a few course.  
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In sanitation of spirit of   Shanghai [expert opinion]

  does not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm director of lab of heart children psychology Dr. Du Yasong thinks, a few parents allow all sorts of extracurricular study classes on the child blindly, be need of development of body and mind of the children before according with school age. Actually, nature just is the child's best classroom, parents suffer from a person's mind one piece to let the child learn this to learn that with its, be inferior to arousing inner need of the child, give them independence study and the chance that gain experience.

  more haste,less speed

Sociology of university of   Shanghai fastens professor of annals of Wei of famous sociologist Deng to use ”5 of “ more haste,less speed the view that the word will come to make clear his, he thinks the parent ought not to give the child before school age prematurely too great pressure and too much hope, also do not have the gold of necessary expenditure so much.

  is occupied " news evening paper "
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Is ” of competition of lead of   “ true can does “ force the person is actor ” ?

Does the child that   lets 3 years old learn “EMBA” ? This is not an incredible story, happen in the fact of Shanghai banking division however, the “EMBA” here, what E represents is not senior administrator (Executive) , however “ inchoate ” (Early) . Allegedly item to this day of two years already fostered this by a definite date 1500 students.

The education of   nowadays, direct or indirect ground trains next generation of “ lead ” : University competition lead arrives to lead of competition of elementary school of high school …… nursery school.

Such   “ in lead competition ” , parents one pace “ forces the person is actor ” , will move below pressure, hope child stand out, below such circumstance, 3 years old of children have to read “EMBA” darlingly.

  “ forces the person is actor ” , the purpose is to want to bring the child into heaven, but a “ that because do not have “ law ” ,does not have “ day ” so forces ” word, make its result rather. Our children more and more become sleep insufficient “ gives birth to ” especially tiredly. " times " of weekly commenting is: “ is full of curiosity to everything originally and childlike children becomes sullen, apply mechanically ground goes learning force everything their. ”
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