Enter oneself for an examination trilogy of MBA choice business school needs to
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Wang Yuanhuai of director of academic MBA center manages to express greatly in: “ a few people that were not recruited through the second-round exam, not be they do not suit to read MBA certainly, and probable it is they still do not have the optimal opportunity that reads MBA, that is to say they still do not have the optimal requirement that reads MBA, go against them to absorb the value of MBA adequately. ”

“ works 3 years from factual border or above, the person that has middle-level above to manage position signs up for aptly read MBA. But generally speaking, of 5 years of above a few more appropriate. Had working experience to be widened with respect to conference field of vision, also can understand theory of a few government. If be the senior management public figure that working experience amounts to 8 years of above, appropriate reply reads EMBA. ” and south Wu Jing of director of center of education of MBA of university government institute says. Introduce according to her, administrative institute MBA learns unripe average age 35 years old or so, average level is monthly pay 10 thousand yuan, do poineering work independently with in superstratum government public figure is in the majority.

It is very important also that “ has the consciousness that changes the current situation, him change, if you still do not have sharper ego change and perfect consciousness, the likelihood still suits to read MBA not quite. Zhang Yanmei of assistant of dean of center of education of MBA of international of the institute austral big mountain range is strong in ” tone says.

Schedule of recruit students of MBA of Guangzhou each business school

School tuition number

Full-time of courtyard of bassoon a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is mixed in on-the-job it is person of 78000 yuan of 270-280, full-time 70 people, on-the-job 200 people

In MBA of international of the institute austral big mountain range (full-time and hold <> concurrently read) 88000 yuan; Bilingual MBA (hold <> concurrently read) 78000 yuan in all 220 people, international 120 people, bilingual 100 people

And manage academic full-time 2 years greatly, 34000 yuan / year; Hold <> concurrently read make 3 years, 25000 yuan / year in all 110 people

China labour is class of international of institute of industrial and commercial government, on-the-job class and class of be released from production to take on other duty; 69000 yuan in all 180 people

Wide outside be released from production to take on other duty of MBA education center and partly released from productive labor; Add up to 65000 yuan in all 150 people left and right sides

Extensive work MBA teachs central full-time 2 years, 20000 yuan / year; Be not full-time 3 years, 15000 yuan / year in all 18-19 person

What factor does need consider?

It choose which school is the most important to choose which school is to see it suit its, is not it perhaps had better not be a rank before leaning
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