Enter oneself for an examination trilogy of MBA choice business school needs to
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Enter oneself for an examination from now the student of MBA looks, basically have the following 3 kinds: It is the person that taking a problem to read MBA with curious state of mind. These people never the system has learned to provide knowledge of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, they are the position that acquired business management station by right of his professional technology knowledge mostly, and certain result was obtained in practice. In the meantime, these business management personnel also were encountered in real administrative work a lot of by the problem with inextricability experience, they feel be necessary to learn, go charging, so that solve the real problem in the job better. 2 it is a few youths that perhaps encounter bigger bottleneck not quite smoothly in the job, to give oneself a new start and broader view, they choose MBA, expectation is “ gangplank ” with MBA, realize oneself life ideal. 3 it is to take a fancy to MBA the person of this giant classmate group, what they value more is, the administrative elite of a batch of future is gotten acquainted with in renown school, for oneself freely bazaar establishs relationship of better person arteries and veins.

“ this year in July, we undertook in the light of the MBA student that just graduates questionnaire is investigated, the result shows learn through MBA, the student's eye shot got extending, administrative concept and administrative ability also had qualitative flight. Although the one part person in them is current,did not get promotion instantly, but their value in the enterprise got a reappraise however. So, I often say to my student, the value with real MBA depends on intelligence more Gao Yuan. ” mentions the value that reads MBA, and south Wu Jing of director of center of university MBA education says. A student that has read EMBA in Canadian royal university says: Although “ reads a business school to be able to know large quantities of one high level administrator, but to finish knows an impact and read MBA or EMBA this is planted utilitarian state of mind is bad however, a kind of more long refine that should be ego wisdom. ”

Whether to arrive optimal opportunity?

Work 3 years from factual border or above, the person that has middle-level above to manage position signs up for aptly read MBA. But generally speaking, of 5 years of above a few more appropriate. Had working experience to be widened with respect to conference field of vision, also can understand theory of a few government. If be the senior management public figure that working experience amounts to 8 years of above, appropriate reply reads EMBA

Summary of the personage inside MBA course of study says: “ learns MBA should and also can be two kinds of people only, it is to have regular job experience, but the person that is badly in need of extending experience of eye shot, rich actual combat; 2 it is to have experience of rich actual combat, turn round the person of complemental and academic knowledge. MBA does not suit the sort of building up from nothing, the person that seeks basic common sense. ” says roughly, become the person that enter oneself for an examination for the MBA of good controller likely, must have the following requirement: Have proper management to carry out experience, have the knowledge that comparative to the actual condition of the enterprise; Have fun at to all course, and development compares a balance; To society and outside ambient fluctuant compare a care, hope to be opposite the world, right the society is contributed somewhat; Be willing (be good at) get along with other, and can actively produces effect in the group. Of course, if have better leadership ability, the endowment of influential other people, become an outstanding governor more easily.
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