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Urgent meeting discusses the State Council the general plan that help city did n
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Urgent meeting discusses the State Council the general plan that help city did not reach unified opinion

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On October 8 15 when, stock market of European each country in succession reopen after a cessation of business, as a large number of casting dish gushing, the market is immersed in panic in, the financial crisis that comes from the United States at first spreads to European mainland... know without the person whether worst hour has gone.

This before today, beijing, concerned controller of the State Council is urgent call together " a 3 meetings " reach the Ministry of finance main controller, with respect to capital market current condition spreads out discuss.

The possibility that the conference discussed to stabilize capital market next centrally measure, if whether be avoided,receive negotiable securities to trade stamp duty; Execute T 0; Increase fund of insurance fund, social security to enter city proportion; Supportive center look forward to and accuse appear on the market the company is added hold or counter-purchase appear on the market company stock; Lower interest etc.

Message personage says, the conference did not form unified opinion on afore-mentioned content.

Yesterday, the Central Bank reacts quickly, announce to reduce deposit reserve to lead 0.5 percent since October 15; Reduce a year since October 9 period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent, other time class puts loan standard interest rate is made adjust accordingly. In the meantime, the State Council announces of short duration is avoided impose accrual tax.

Before this, the government already had the operation that help city twice: 9, 3 big profit are good come on stage at the same time:

Nevertheless, "11 " between long holiday of overseas stock market steep fall in succession, your home stock market cheats a shadow once more, of evening of head of the reopen after a cessation of business after long holiday on October 5, card inspect can announce suddenly to start lay aside certificate of long already financing be in harmony pilot job, in the meantime, the Central Bank also announces reopen suspends the metaphase bill professional work of a few months, the promissory note in encouraging center look forward to to issue is used at counter-purchasing to appear on the market according to collect capital company stock.

Nevertheless, afore-mentioned measure can be not prevented point to trend of be issued to lower levels, in global finance queasy big setting falls, china as before hard pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others.

Afore-mentioned personages say, his individual thinks at present of capital market adjust cannot ascribe to completely the chain reaction that American banking crisis brings, still basically be early days goes up exorbitant, add investor to be not worth place bring to prospective confidence those who send is deep adjust. "With ' have a headache foot of painful medical service of cure head base ' the essential sex problem that means solves capital market impossibly, the key runs mechanism side from economy even, set out from the main area of Chinese economy, survey, publish a series of ensuring that domestic economy makes the same score the policy of steady healthy progress. " this personage expresses.
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