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Courtyard of beautiful congress ginseng votes help city program newly: Plan tick
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Courtyard of beautiful congress ginseng votes help city program newly: Plan ticket shows already obtained through

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Beautiful congress senate took the lead in voting in the morning on October 2 in Beijing time classics castigatory helps city program newly. Show according to plan hostage situation, this plan is opposite with 74 tickets the voting result of 25 tickets, obtain senate to pass.

Before this, the senatorial cacique of two parties expresses American democracy, republican plan of confidence classics castigatory can be obtained through, they appeal what assemblyman puts down political parties and groups to fasten, press with passing plan to be applied to Boule than number greatly.

When the heart in cacique of senatorial the Democratic Party makes a speech, appeal assemblyman wants those who put down political parties and groups to fasten, adopt the new plan that help city. And Maikangnaier also represents chief of senatorial, republic party, senate should prove to know to the countryman, they can put down political parties and groups see, make right decision for American.

Aobama and Mai Kaien also appeal candidate of two presidents of American senate adopts new plan, among them candidate of president of the Democratic Party Aobama more the oratorical decline that Luo Sifu of the president before citing faces economic great depression, appeal compatriots wants solidarity, face adverse circumstance.

This helps city program by what bush-administration puts forward, be overruled by Boule on Monday. Subsequently, plan is made edit, include to lengthen a few enterprises and in produce the measure that reduce tax, and amount of safeguard of depositor of will federal insurance raises 250 thousand dollar by 100 thousand dollar, in order to add color of popular of a few attention.

According to the report, the amount of the plan that help city that beautiful senate decides by ballot raised 850 billion dollar from original 700 billion dollar.