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After all whose rise in exaggerated China
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After all whose rise in exaggerated China

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The success of Beijing Olympic Games is held, make the Hesperian beginning in exclaim undertakes thinking over -- " new York Times " published an article on August 27 " compare with China, the United States is country of the third world " , china of author gasp in admiration " without but compare " . The basis is, cost the grandiose Olympic Games infrastructure of 43 billion dollar, kick off out and away with closure, as a result of,not be the sort of abrupt discovery petrolic is accidental luck, however force of China of national investment of 7 years, plan, collect, whole nation arouses and the climax that work hard; The boat station building of clumsiness of airport of Newyork city La Guardia and Manhadu's tumbledown infrastructure, with Shanghai photograph of train of in suspension of modern airport, magnetism is compared, let them have to examine his conscience: Be who lives in country of the third world after all?

Of this American think over be bordering on take a part of the whole, felt Chinese flourishing one side only, let a reader very easily produce a kind of illusion, in resembling its article, state " the China that appears through the Olympic Games is very powerful really " . This says to rise abruptly quickly of clear China of course, but also have to see, still including a few Hesperian among them gratifying is met cannot the sincere feeling of explain in words. Since he says " drive car can see another prospect of Chinese one hour " , so called " without but compare " it is self-contradictory undoubtedly. From theoretic say, this kind of fawn on word as good as at ill will " hold in both hands kill " .

Should say, certain Hesperian is right China " hold in both hands kill " way is not brillant, if not insanity won't be taken seriously for certain. For instance before England above all Mr Blair, was aimed at recently certain borrow the Olympic Games " hold in both hands kill " Chinese phenomenon raised doubt. He thinks, china is in journey, it advances quickly forth, but Cheng has not end minute of its ten clear travel. He admonishs observation home people the brigade that should try to point out unfinished, but the distance that also should admit to had walked along. Interesting is, this primary problem is " Chinese rise may be exaggerated " article, went to the United States " wall street daily " , uses theme was become " we can help China embrace future " , and went to China to be by interpret again " the history that must eliminate pair of China is proud " . Same an article in different country by the coronal with different subject this not fancy, the key is the mentality that this shows between Zhang Yichi aftertaste making a person is boundless.
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