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Meeting general turns the prison that send card big profit is good
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Meeting general turns the prison that send card big profit is good

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Card inspect is studying profit of date of have a haircut is good

Last week 5, card inspect can express to hope to pass the method such as mechanism of put on sale 2 times to reduce size to be not the concussion of pair of 2 class markets. However, size blame inspects this one method to be new " chains " , have leave the sign of field quickly.

Shanghai points to yesterday steep fall once more 130.74 bits, the newspaper closes 2319.87 a little bit, from on one round bovine city apogee is less than 80 a little bit at 2245 o'clock. In December 2006, be opposite a longing that alters win-win aspect below, be succeeded at 2245 o'clock to break through, the open after Shanghai late stock market lifts a top new bovine city journey. However, the architect that change did not think of at the outset, after completely current and true arrival, size blame is so tremendous to the concussion of the market. The positive result that revise already faced the risk that is gobbled up entirely nowadays. How normative size is not decrease oppose action, how to restore the confidence of investor, already mattered to the life of the market.

Dish face tendercy index drive grail to innovate again low

Yesterday, although subject matter steep fall generally, but grail index drop, bring about market one disaster after another. Chinese UniCom drops stop, chinese petrifaction drops 6% , Chinese oil drops 4.04% , letter negotiable securities drops in 8.69% , industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, Bank of China also achieve went out new low, grail forces continuously 2300 bits.

Grail kill drop, with be restricted to make work a lift a ban having direct connection. For instance treasure steel share, will 11.9 billion are restricted to make work now will appear on the market current, bring about this drop greatly yesterday 4.56% , since achieving an epicycle to adjust new low. And bank of the oil in resembling, construction, future has be restricted in great quantities to make work lift a ban current, virtually also increased pressure to these companies.

On the other hand, grail early days dimension drops firmly lesser, but the pressure that faces prospective outstanding achievement to glide likewise. Accordingly, grail index appear further likely fill drop.

Those who make a person anxious is, although Shanghai points to yesterday,steep fall and fall after a rise comes 2300 a little bit around, but clinch a deal the quantity still did not magnify considerably, of full day clinch a deal to be 36.75 billion yuan only. If deduct the car austral China 6.67 billion yuan clinch a deal, clinch a deal merely yesterday 30.08 billion yuan. This explains, in the process that steeps fall in grail, although size blame is killed all the way,drop, but have initiative hardly buy dish enter the arena receive dish, the pessimism of the city after indication mainstream capital is right.
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