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115 thousand unqualified account is traded by break down A times of be the banke
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115 thousand unqualified account is traded by break down A times of be the banker is not terminative

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115 thousand unqualified account is centered break down trades

Certificate business says A times of be the banker is not complete and terminative

Yesterday, card inspect can release an information, up to by this year June, gross and normative unqualified account 8.48 million; Other stock puts dormancy account 19.42 million, unqualified to 115 thousand account carried out concentration break down trades. A certificate trade public figure sees the reporter tells after such data, "The account of stockjobber clears the job became busy large half an year, saw effect eventually now. Saw effect eventually now..

Alleged unqualified account, include the capacity not corresponding, identity false, representative concerns the data is non-standard, non-standard with etc the type such as unqualified account. In these unqualified account, most suffer industry to pay close attention to, it is the A with false identity account, this basically is to show account of a capital is many more corresponding actually the A of different name or date of effective identity document account. As a result of account of this kind of tractor run rampant for a long time, those who created pattern of be the banker of field of past A stock market is long-standing.

However, when certificate Shang Xin suffers from most year, after destroying 115 thousand unqualified account, did the mode of be the banker of field of A stock market change really?

Certificate business starts work tractor account is nearly disappeared

"A few years ago, business department manager can take out a pile of big Id to let us sometimes a few employee open an account, open an account ourselves fills application form. After account opens number, about a hundred a few account is hanged in same account leaves a fund. " the staff member recollects business department of some certificate trade how is tractor account formed, many certificate business had had such way at that time. But now, below the requirement that meets in card inspect, certificate business in succession oneself start work these unqualified account thoroughly terminative.

Be in early last year November, card inspect can be released to each certificate business " operation of business of unqualified account standard is how-to " announcement. To this year on July 18, card inspect can issue relevant announcement 3 times in all at this point, the purpose is a standard these unqualified account, inventory dormancy account, carry out concentration to unqualified account break down trades. "Normative unqualified account " became this large half an year comes the Chongzhongzhi that each certificate business works is heavy.
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