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Negotiable securities superintends the conference: Capital market dimension need
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Negotiable securities superintends the conference: Capital market dimension needs each square firmly to become resultant force

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The pivotal meeting that crucial period holds, this is industry to what just end " futures of countrywide negotiable securities superintends conference of the job in year " the assessment that make. "The stable health that maintains the market with all one's strength develops " serve as this pivotal meeting advocate fundamental key, solemn to already was become reach currently henceforth the first important or urgent business of market of a paragraph of period.

Safeguard the market to stabilize healthy progress, be all the time since the working centre of gravity of the person that the market is superintended. But since this year, face situation of complex international home market, face the disaster of snow calamity shake of arise suddenly, no matter be the value with certain dimension and pressing sex, still be dimension firm difficulty and pressure are apparent relatively before more outstanding with increase.

Develop through reform, phasic correlation spends market of our country capital and world economy finance to rise apparently, more as close as national economy impact, "Barometer " the function begins to show. International money market is turbulent since this year aggravate, macroscopical economy of our country country appears adjust change, these get reflecting one by one in market of our country capital, move to the stability of the market bring certain influence, in the meantime, pass big ox city one round, market oneself also has adjustment demand. Market depth callback, investor investment apiration is abate, hope is serious be thwarted, these accentuated undoubtedly the pressing sex with certain dimension, also increased the difficulty of dimension steady work and pressure at the same time.

Before the pressing sex that increases apparently and pressure, the judgement that to a few keys the problem holds sober and understanding are attached most importance to especially should, this is the premise that does nice thought steady work.

One of, whether does the market stabilize the foundation of healthy progress to change? Look from big field, the macroscopical base that market of the capital that prop up expands still dovish. The meeting of central the Political Bureau that held a few days ago puts forward, on the whole, adverse element and serious and natural disaster did not change international economy the main area that our country economy grows, national economy continues forward macroscopical adjusting control anticipates way develops; Look from market oneself, the immanent requirement that upholds market stability to move is initial also have, appear on the market below the circumstance that the company worsens in external environment, still maintain better outstanding achievement, stockjobber retained stronger gain ability.
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