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American rescue second borrow the crisis to offer " opposite mirror "
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American rescue second borrow the crisis to offer " opposite mirror "

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Senate of United States Congress is discussed in the broken regular meeting July 26 on the aid plan that adopted an amount be as high as 300 billion dollar, boule of the United States before this had adopted this plan, the become effective that this means this plan needs American president Bush to sign merely can.

Really, american saves second borrow do one's best of crisis it may be said: Beautiful couplet store note energetically endowment, open financing window to the financial orgnaization of all types; The Ministry of finance considers buy the equity of problem finance orgnaization with governmental financing, but very the estate market of United States of it's hard to say will fall in deliverance " look forward to is firm " .

Deliverance perhaps can be reduced " undone " intensity, but prevent estate very hard however to continue to enter decline. With American estate the mainest Case-Schiller index is exemple, no matter strength of American government minister how, it drops, the most pessimistic anticipation is it drops always achieve 40% .

Actually, american story also was offerred for building city of China a few consult, although Chinese estate bubble is done not have special significantly burst, but very miniature break also begin to appear for behavior (this also caused a few economist " help city blusterous " ) . For instance, although beautiful couplet store presswork energetically money (no matter be to be noted directly endowment still be national debt financing, final it is to issue monetary action) will help the market provide liquidity, but all rooms borrow a bank to begin to tighten up mortgage loan, begin to tighten up commerce and industrial loan even. Now, american commerce and the growth range that industry borrows money had dropped 3% , drop from the 3.36 trillion dollar in the past 3.27 trillion dollar, it is financial orgnaization cannot undertake financing of a person of same business not only, even a few preeminent blame banking companies also are restricted financing. Beautiful couplet store of the flush, dollar that what the behavior of infuse fluidity brings is M0 devalue and continue by disgustful, is not the dilate of credit, this makes American inflation rate is achieved 5% , reach 17 years of culmination since. That is to say, alleged fluidity infuse can drive the credit dilate, exciting economy, credo that maintain and promotes asset the price undone, hold guest in the palm to say like economist, "In drop period, money of Central Bank infuse resembles push an object with cord. Money of Central Bank infuse resembles push an object with cord..

This kind " fluidity of Central Bank infuse perhaps loosens money to be able to solve a problem " childish thought actually a mistake that long-term predominate it may be said is economic mind extent. For example beautiful couplet store think with the Ministry of finance they are room ground beauty and Fang Limei to offer financing to assure and buy share (raise its capital gold) can extend capacity of its market financing, the result is, "2 rooms " cannot obtain pretty financing in the market at all, the reason is very simple, "2 rooms " borrow a bank from the room with very high price buy so that guaranty borrows money on the hand asset, the property interest of itself is very small, and the interest rate violent wind that guaranty borrows money now rises (the bank tightens up loan to make interest rate rises substantially) , the financing interest rate on the market is very high also, this is meant " 2 rooms " in the market financing is the capital fund that borrows very high interest rate to gain very small profit, this is a dreariness " benefit differs caustic " behavior, american government institute wants now those who do, the dollar outside tricking those conditions namely is foolish the ground continues hold " 2 rooms bond " .
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