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The government saves city to be in unusual times is to should be mixed must
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The government saves city to be in unusual times is to should be mixed must

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Publish the economist Wu Jinglian of the opinion to the stock market rarely of late, a few days ago language piece breathtaking. He thinks, the stock market appears now problem, the government helps city is should. Of Chinese stock market " policy city " dense disease is not eradicative, a few people get rich accordingly, and common shareholder however the interest is damaged.

Have all along " Wu Fu field " the Wu Jinglian that say, abrupt " betray " oneself footing, turn and high-key support government saves banner brightly city, this at least makes clear, look in him, the problem that current stock market appears is not small issue, the power that these problems lean him market only is inextricability, and if these problems do not adopt the means that help city to give solve, consequence will be very serious. Not come singly but in pairs. Publish in Wu Jinglian " save city to talk " before today, representing stock market market to send the United States of highest ideal all along, issue urgent order suddenly also, the buy empty action that takes pair of Fang Limei and room ground beauty to wait for certain type of firm of main and large banking undertakes limitative extreme helps city move.

Saving city and do not save city to go up, no matter be " Wu Fu field " , or " beautiful market " , gave out to make clear the answer with oneself manner or action. Actually, look around global capital market, no matter be rising market, still be mature market, the government helps city already become common practice. The United States that represents mature market need not say oneself, even if is rising market, appear 18 years to come when Pakistan stock market the longest drop situation, after down to causes a shareholder to besiege the disturbance of bourse, the government issues a decree not only, formulary stock market drops stop board highest be restricted from 5% instead 1% , harden board criterion from 5% instead 10% , and still make each big manager dealer urgent help city together. Vietnam government appears in the stock market after steeping fall, let not only " people signs up for " publish editorial, more let Central Bank buffer fund be entered stage by stage group by group help city, enter stability to develop course till the market.

Why can these governments ignore the risk that violates market economy to want principle of sue for peace basically and direct intervention market? Don't they understand such means will hurt the capital market with foundation of market melt into?

The government saves city to be in why is unusual times to should be mixed must, an all in all reason is, government office of be in power must be in safeguard market economy principle and protective homeland financial safety is made between both be not this namely when the choice of those, metropolis fine long hair chooses all governments forthwith latter.
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