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Outside China store big bubble
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Outside China store big bubble

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From the two hundred and twelve billion one hundred and sixty-five million dollar by 2001, to six hundred and nine billion nine hundred and thirty-two million 2004, reflate comes one thousand five hundred and twenty-eight billion two hundred and forty-nine million by 2007, end this year in May end, this number is blown into 1.8 trillion dollar again, without doubt, if do not give accident circumstance to fall, the foreign exchange reserve this year can break through China for certain 2 trillion dollar.

Do not want to think 1.8 trillion yuan foreign exchange reserve is " sweet pastry " , china wants to buy what to buy, rather, to China, if say to still holding in the arms 2004 " powder keg " sleep, so now this 1.8 trillion foreign exchange reserve, undoubted a nucleus is played, do not take care a bit, chinese reforming and opening achievement of 30 years is likely very " Tai Tan Buddhist nun restrains number " heavy boat.

Right, this 1.8 trillion foreign exchange reserve, it is Chinese asset really external, but internally for, it is Chinese Central Bank however to enterprise of dweller of dweller, enterprise, blame, foreign capital indebted, in other words, the Central Bank just is managing a fund of 1.8 trillion, and afore-mentioned main body are fund holder, differ to fund assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses with common fund holder, the Central Bank the risk of increase and decrease of this fund is assumed by the Central Bank however, and accrual is enjoyed by corresponding fund holder however, if these which days of main body do not value the economy of Chinese future, and redemptive from already " fund " , so Chinese Central Bank these " dollar " return these " base civilian " , if arrive when the Central Bank is not taken piece so the word of the dollar, it is monetary crisis so, and what following sb's heels and come is malign inflation and financial crisis more.

Although China is academic,the group pays ability to Chinese international very hopeful, no matter be dig goes to what imports and exports, external debt, international heats up money pouring out of, enough of foreign exchange reserve deals with any disbursement the crisis, but be very sorry, these " fortune-telling gentleman " the fund that did not consider these coming in dynamicly, when going out, may procrastinate carry female, and also did not consider these Chinese foreign exchange reserve to be in everyday naturally " shrink " , and once China covers the quick shrink when showing these asset, do not have the capital that considers the country when arriving to also can collect onrush of this flee to other country more.

A simple equation is in debt with respect to the asset of foreign exchange reserve of enough proof China risk: At present Chinese broad sense deposits money M2 already can 40 trillion, the M3 that did not publish data is Yuan Chao M2 more, what dweller deposit also has 18 trillion is gigantic, want a few flee to other place of these capital only, add international to heat up money, and the foreign trader boils 30 when investment is in China years directly put profit, outside present 1.8 trillion dollar store very fast grey flying smoke is done not have. This moment, we aux would rather the ability of foreign currency control that underestimates central bank, just like now central bank cannot control international capital prances ground inpour is same.
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