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Big project EMBA swims learn the United States
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Big project EMBA swims learn the United States

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EMBA student looks around in Intel make an on-the-spot investigation

On August 17, 2006 - on September 1, EMBA Shandong head period class student people walk along door going abroad to swim learn the United States, they visited the world famous school such as Stanford university, listen attentively to those who manage a Great Master to give lessons; Researched the well-known company such as INTEL, MACY, BESTBUY, experience the management concept of local enterprise and administrative pattern personally. They are in and other places of san Francisco, new York, Philadelphia, Washington, los angeles, inspect urban local customs on the way.

EMBA student attends class in college of northwest grain industry study

Match well of Chinese and Western learns from others's strong points to offset his weakness

Student accepts college of industry of American northwest grain 2 days above all groom, the content such as the formation of the global strategy of the political structure of characteristic of culture of economy of tuitional United States, United States and function, United States and influence, Silicon Valley and development, the problem that cares with respect to student at the same time undertook communication and discuss.

Student specially visited Stanford campus, the Stanford that serves as one of world-renowned institution of higher learning has its distinctive building color, campus itself is like a quiet small town, environmental deep and remote beauty. Stanford has complete beauty's most collect red work, have a special collect red garden and artistic house, have Luo Dan among them the most grandiose gigantic make " Tartarean door " .

EMBA student is before Capitol take a photo as a souvenir

Student still heads for world-renowned financial orgnaization: The new York card that is located in wall street hands in place, federal to laid in the unit such as the bank to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, visited U.N. headquarters, Manhadu unit or the orgnaization such as city of memorial hall of monument of building of old congress of shopping centre, United States, independent palace, Washington, Lincoln, round-the-world shadow.

The world of the brave after knowing shame is first

Impression is most deep is visiting Pearl Harbor Yalisangna date memorial hall (PearHarbour&ArizonaMemorial) , visit former address of sneak attack of big fight Japan the 2nd times, head for the Alexander date battleship that looks around to be sunk by Japanese army blast by ship debris and watch true emersion in those days the precious history newsreel of true condition. Pearl Harbor is famed in the Second World War at the world. On December 7, 1941, pearl Harbor of Japanese sneak attack, gained decisive victory. Beautiful a 44 ships naval vessel by bombard and sink, 2, the army and the people of 403 United States dies, only Yalisangna date this one battleship, have 1, 277 martyr die, fleet of American Pacific Ocean is disastrous.
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