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Zhejiang of class of spring of EMBA2006 of the institute austral mountain swims
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Zhejiang of class of spring of EMBA2006 of the institute austral mountain swims learn results quite abundant

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In dry,crisp air of autumn golden fall red-letter day, classmate of EMBA2006 spring class is in my courtyard of Dean Zhang Jianqi assistant guide below, on September 5 - 10 days undertook Zhejiang swims learn.

This second swim learn, arrival the first station is lukewarm state city, classmates saw 3 companies: Long rainbow is plastic limited company, Delixiji is round limited company of limited company, lighter of Zhejiang big tiger;

City of Jin Hua of the 2nd station, visited Zhejiang of golden China city east limited company of energy industry measure;

The 3rd station justice black city, the text in seeing city of trade of international of Chinese justice black and gold has things limited company;

City of Hangzhou of the 4th station, in Zhejiang university EMBA educational center attends class, looked around on the west child abstruse this elevator limited company.

The different development pattern that sees company represented company of Zhejiang civilian battalion each times and the face that show at place of different development phase. Every reach one point, EMBA classmate visits the manufacturing workshop of the enterprise, the president that listens to an enterprise, general manager or president introduce to what respective company grows, to look forward to course of study is managed and the problem in administrative process and bewilderment exchange respective viewpoint and view. Through communicate and looking around on the spot, make an on-the-spot investigation, come from bead the classmate of EMBA2006 spring class that three-cornered gives priority to with administrator of entrepreneur, high level is right the poineering spirit that entrepreneur of Zhejiang civilian battalion struggles difficultly, take product quality seriously, made the management concept such as innovation of brand, technology have experience and experience cogently. After seeing a company, in the classmates on bus classroom with respect to the individual experience and opinion undertook sharing, deepened everybody's study further.

The center is taught in Zhejiang university EMBA, by Zhejiang business management of university government institute fastens Zhang Gang of adviser of director, doctoral student to teach fellow students tuitional " Confucianism business and " big government " " , through be opposite Confucianism the illuminate of business connotation, put forward to relax administrative eye shot, with Confucianism of business " bassoon manages " the management that the part will come to have a company, in the meantime, to be based on " big government " innovation also offerred view. Professor Zhang Gang gives lessons wonderfully, get the accord of classmates reputably, organic meeting can listen to Mr. Zhang lecture again after the hope.
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