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Bank and government were not kidnapped by room city
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Bank and government were not kidnapped by room city

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Proper " break for tide " the view cause a temporary clamor of on the verge of breaking out, when public opinion worries about a government to be able to move to help city, each are big the bank makes response, borrow in the light of individual room especially the 2nd flatlet shifts business, spread out to whether exist " break for " the interior of the circumstance " big examination " . Individual bank can be call-overed to ask by silver-colored inspect even " the key is checked " . Each are big under pressure the bank borrows business to examine strength to the room apparent than before closer, the exists generally the 2nd flatlet before this is borrowed dozen " edge ball " the phenomenon got basically father accuse.

Have the United States second borrow crisis lessons drawn from others' mistakes, predict not hard large-scale break the economic consequence that causes for place. The fact shows the policymaker is not cannot see this kind of potential risk. Although " break for tide " view only then at a Bo Wen, subsequently bureau of Shenzhen silver-colored inspect also is denied formally large-scale " break for " existence, but still caused center height attention, group of survey of facilitating the State Council goes to Shenzhen special survey, bring bank group to be checked this greatly.

Those who make a person gratified is, the policymaker was made this correct and the reaction that bear the blame. A few owner initiate Shenzhen " break for the action " although cause government sector attention successfully, make news storm point, but facilitate in that way without what what anticipate like them of adjusting control policy become loose, also did not reach a government to move to save the intent of city, draw on the room with bank more crucial aspect to borrow instead examine. The bad news that this is a benefit sky sex apparently to the person that those fry a room, as good as broke his leg at removing a stone. But to economic overall situation character, it is necessary that at that time strict careful make the rounds of the wards shifts business and must, no matter whether can appear later large-scale break for tide, whether can cause big economic risk, at present is most pressing prevent accusing measure is to had tightened up loose room to borrow undoubtedly examine, the person that pays ability to lack is put an end to to extend on utmost the room is borrowed, will come in order to strive for more active.

The action of the bank comes out delicate and clear signal: The bank was not kidnapped, the government also was not kidnapped. Face what what give out for person to coerce, the teases learned man of horizontal, certain expert clamour that faces business of a few development, the government was not puzzled, do not have more be frightened, chose straight face venture correctly however. Development business " bank predecease " clamour ever let a person believe for a time, landed capital kidnapped the bank already was a fact probably, this kind of judgement makes a person special lose, we understand what this will mean. The bank once be enslaved to be enslaved to develops business, the government is immersed in the condition of be in a dilemma of hold back from taking action against sb for fear of injuring others namely, have no alternative only the ground allows to develop toward dangerous direction by a got-up affair, till break down.
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