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The renown kite money that lends solution to cover rebukes city shareholder is p
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The renown kite money that lends solution to cover rebukes city shareholder is prevented " black mouth " flicker

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"You present storehouse how, whether tell my your hold what share, I diagnose your stock freely to whether can gain profit for you. " recently, a lot of investor receive the phone of kind of this content or short message. To age for relatively a few longer investor, such information inadequacy is a letter.

But enter town at 6000 o'clock to be in, fry without what had experienced Xiong Fu " child " people for, this phone may produce additionally one kind of effect.

In Xiong Fu, shareholder besides should face everyday point to go up small, drop the price takes a big, share elevator, answer the stock market even " secondary calamity " -- stock market black mouth, village is held in the palm, the holiday with advisory orgnaization and considerable amount fries a software. How to bypass trap, restful transfer to come to next ox city, make the central point that investor pays close attention to at present.

Evil village encircles money to do not have free lunch

"The such-and-such stock on your hand is put in bigger risk at present, we had taken the half annual report of the company ahead of schedule, outstanding achievement is very bad. We also took the outstanding achievement report of other company, I can search the company with good outstanding achievement freely for you. " before half month, shareholder Miss Zhao received a telephone call that professing is analyst of such-and-such certificate trade, in the phone, this personage says he uses a relationship, took all appearing on the market ahead of schedule the half annals of the company, can provide free advisory service for Miss Zhao accordingly.

"I listen at that time confused, because of the stock in my hand already deficit 50% , half annals is not share price is returned for certain if profit is good can drop greatly. If sell it to be able to buy share price immediately,should break up time stock, can offset the loss before me. And the senior analyst that calling person says to he is such-and-such certificate business, if so professional person says, I feel should be true. If so professional person says, I feel should be true..

And reporter discovery, in this kind of incident, "Analyst " the reason with the mainest investor extraction a letter is to provide a help freely.

Subsequently, miss Zhao claims with this the personage phone that is an analyst is communicated for many times, before a week, she cuts the share before oneself the flesh entirely, buy a few shares that recommend into this personage. Later, miss Zhao also does not contact this personage again, and the stock that he recommends did not appreciate, some has encountered for many times drop stop. "I call such-and-such certificate trade later, I tell after they check, the company does not have this individual at all. But the company also reminds me at the same time, I am probable be encountered banker hold in the palm, I receive banker shipment goods, my bedding bag is firm as a result. " Miss Zhao expresses.
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