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The meal channel sale of liquor company is politic: Effective conformity is poli
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5, integrated state

The state sex of the lead sex that the war that does not see war possesses process skill more than seeing the war that gets war and supreme strategy. After China is joining WTO, meal inn already also entered to suit specially period, system, strategy and thinking also appeared more frequent queasy with cannot ascertain. Then, liquor company is immersed in to the sale promotion hard to avoid of meal inn more frequent queasy with out of control, out of control is not had namely be able to bear or endure, rise greatly without what be able to bear or endure to mean unsuccessful probability. Because this is a purpose with effective sale, it is a method with more scientific control, the meal inn that is a process with management of network of integrated main body is effective and integrated sale appears pressing and necessary. This is the external demand that industry of 21 centuries market specializations, also be to obtain strategical the supreme state of integrated success.

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