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The meal channel sale of liquor company is politic: Effective conformity is poli
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The scale of outstanding clerk also accords with 80 ∶ 20 law, the outstanding clerk that has 20 % probably is having the effect of 80 % in meal inn, distribute a case by what meal store clerk works, ordinal for the young lady staring at a stage between packet of the member that the stage receives silver, foreman, key, these talents are most meal inn relatively gay elite. But because the gregarious range of these personnel is narrow (be aimed at congener meal inn) , once the meal inn of the place stems from some kind of reason to cannot continue, they find proper job very hard. And on the other hand, need the meal inn of these talents, as a result of the estrangement between the industry, find what what oneself need very hard to have the talented person of experience. Regard the liquor of meal inn network as the enterprise, the bridge since both sides wearing can is completely in mature opportunity.

4, the follow-up that spread money is politic

After systematic public relations guides, tighten the shop money that catch even if concentrates a system, need to master following principles:

1. carpet type spreads money:

(1) on time, rate is rapid. The target meal inn of a market finishs shop goods, the longest do not exceed a month.

(2) on the space, advance thick and fast. With outstanding meal inn the goods that it is a shop cuts a point, concentrated model close is outspread.

(3) on personnel, concentrate power. Secure undermanned, can transfer motor-driven force joins the rank that spread money, but should unite direct, division of labor is clear.
(4) on formalities, file program systematization.

(5) on the effect, sum up every day. Spread money end everyday, want to call together concerned personnel to check this day to lay goods effect and the specific problem that encounter, make clear morrow to plan.

(6) put an end to a holiday to spread money, put an end to goods to be sent into meal inn to was not put however the circumstance of business bar.

(7) strive for optimal bar position.

Spreading money is not a purpose, be a sale however is indispensible.

The core with successful sale of meal inn conformity is annulus annulus photograph buckle, close together follow-up.
2. publicizes sales promotion to follow closely:

If the product was put on the bar of meal inn to pass to guide,enter period still serious and slow-moving, meal inn can lose confidence to the product of the enterprise, they won't make slow-moving product long-term occupy limited business bar space, the product that removes next companies from bar then with respect to unavoidable; From consumptive angle, the product often is being placed on bar, recommend without the person also remind without what sell a dot to appear, the deadbeat of the consumption that order alcoholic drink with respect to can inertial fixed position this kind of product is sure slow-moving or affirmation is bad. If such, do the public relations of business early days and shop goods meaning where? The one part that because this shop goods is meal inn sale only,becomes independent relatively, the measure of propagandist sales promotion of form a complete set follows ability closely is the key that successful pictures opens meal inn market.
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