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The meal channel sale of liquor company is politic: Effective conformity is poli
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Guo Ye thinks, to material of meal inn boss public relations can follow following principles:

Above all, the day that forecasts target meal inn, month, season, year sale

Next, in the boss most cash inside the time that be at ease interest

Again, to managing, the meal shop with credit, better financial standing can be mixed according to investigation forecast the proportion with be paid certain first, had better blend in with objective means, the air conditioning that is like meal inn freezer, financial room.

In above affection investment, must pay a focal point first, the person that should care most with the boss or thing are a center. Want special attention, the relative that although be a boss,is not in but it is the affection that the investment on boss aversion body ought not to throw however.
2. arouses more exalted motive (hobby)

The person that we encounter, can estimate according to oneself go doing exalted person.

So, want to change a person, be about to arouse its more exalted motive. Although have undesirable hobby,I believe certain client, if you make he feels you think he is honesty, integrity, exalted, decent, there is good reaction in the metropolis below most circumstance. More what is more,the rather that, meal inn boss is commercial operator, their the biggest motivation is to use up all force to earn bigger business gain. When the unhealthy addiction of their individual and strategic motive produce conflict, individual hobby often can make concession, otherwise he is not a good operator absolutely. A very fundamental premise is: Ourselves should be had active up good motive. Of course, liquor company is right the such intention of meal inn boss, real purpose is to let these meal inn become you in network of terminal meal inn but a of durative faithfulness, this is the intelligent public relations of supreme state. More important is to should let the other side know how you do ability to sell your wine weller in its meal inn.
3. is well-prepared, plan is prevenient

Before seeing meal inn boss, should one is cover complete, practicable and the sale that can make most boss is approbated basically extends program. Such, meal inn boss has hope with respect to the meeting sale to company product, the aerospace in unapt heart. Without practical plan and hardheaded execution, all affection public relations will become empty and fine long hair is insignificant.

Public relations is not a purpose, however to master better. Be opposite in above in the process of intelligent public relations of meal inn boss, how decrease and put an end to bad debt and dead Zhang, have “ only wisdom person see wisdom, benevolence person see benevolence ” .

3, the dynamic public relations to outstanding clerk and management

Reclaim to meal store clerk box of cap, wine or other what thing, it is the stimulation on economic interest and sales promotion only, have sex of effectiveness for a given period of time but lack stability and long sex however.
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