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Decode system of Microsoft manpower resource
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Consideration and incentive “ number do not come to an end”

Passion is gifted here significant position, from that daystart that enrols a person, value them to be opposite technology, right client service, right the job has intense emotion. To promote employee the experience, CSS also can organize activity of a few employee, for instance Sports Day (sports day) , weekday can bring family, demonstrate oneself ability. Kite of draw of their meeting hand, the kite that who sees is drawn the most beautifully, the kite that who makes is put highestly. The company still has various clubs at ordinary times: Badminton club, football club. In addition, here still will choose “CSS God ” , let employee reveal him specialty, do a DV, also can take enter a contest. CSS still has done “ to say a hero who is heroic ” such activity, workpoint of the member that encourage enjoys him to working and live, reach the interesting story in the group.

And inside CSS, to the award of employee “ counts a likelihood to still count not complete ” readily. Among them every quarter promulgates call GPGP (first-class staff is excellent expression) , there are a lot of subprojects inside, also can be chosen what do work of behind the curtain for instance because of the client and win a prize technically, perhaps cross group of collaboration to behave outstanding organic also meeting. Be in the office of CSS, the photograph of employee of GPGP employee bear the palm is thickly dotted the ground is revealed inside an area. The ” of “ Venus award that another initiates by HR branch (Gold Star) , prize-giving object also is the person of business section. The person that be rewarded includes short-term inside bring very good performance to the company; Also include long-term to the company development to bring very big impact. These award return cent to be global award and area award. Win global award, by global vice-president of the director every quarter sends Kathleen letter, will undertake commending. Arrived when every are met year after year, this year the bear the palm of each quarters person still will be gone up to award prize in public meeting by general manager.

To show loving care for employee, CSS was established technically still civilian service, all matters ground provides each service for employee. If do not want to have a meal to be able to make a telephone call,the engineer works overtime in the evening, call an aunt to buy the rice. Do not have charge of electricity of method capture water or electric telephone bill these days, special meeting has a place to help you pay fee. The girlfriend spends birthday, decide a flower without time, buy movie ticket, hit a phone to also can help you decide.

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