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Decode system of Microsoft manpower resource
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This is the company that a clever person forms, experience and setting are unique also there is no lack of its person. Handler has a fellow worker in Xu Heng group, the student that regards naval ships as the institute has attended National Day 50 years big parade. After this wants to come to Microsoft to work very much, run to Shanghai, happy in the reflection on the side of Microsoft bookshop read a book one year, achieve what one wishes finally. He what had had army background, want to raise English, just demur does not say, rose at 7 o'clock every morning study, after two months advance rapidly.

Staff grows: Agile and have Zhang Ke follow

To enrolling the person that come in, of Microsoft groom have two, one is the technology grooms, 2 it is soft skill grooms —— government ability, communication ability, the ability of the speech, the faculty that includes to cross culture. In addition, the company still has teacher system —— to let seasoned employee help coach new personality.

Microsoft holds to all the time on the talent's education and development 70, 20, the principle of 10: 70 it is On The Job (working middle school reviews) , 20 it is From Other People (learn to other) , 10 it is Classroom (classroom grooms) .

Additional, microsoft very encourage employee interior to flow. Lu Yaping is mentioned, two years ago, the company rolled out employee profession to develop a model (Career Model) , all employee can examine all information related the position that becomes now with oneself on the net: Include the requirement of pair of ability, result and experience respect. All position can nod Microsoft go in. If do the person that the technology supports now, want to do finance affairs, can check financial position, understanding needs to master what skill, accumulate what experience, need attends to groom what kind ofly. These information are open to all employee, can help employee be aimed at his next the action plan that professional direction makes a system.

Annual March, all employee can do Microsoft MYCD (the profession in year discusses Mid-year Career Discussion) . This time paragraph employee is met and the profession that the manager discusses him develops, get the support on the guidance of the manager and resource, if let employee attend to work with the next relevant a few projects, groom, the teacher that helps him seek a relevant field waits.

Accordingly, in Microsoft a lot of people experience the profession with very big span to change. Lu Yaping is mentioned, there is a stuff in CSS, technical support engineer is when he joins Microsoft, now is financial chief inspector; Also have turn from HR become business director.

Be in Microsoft, employee can be mixed according to his ability professional interest chooses a technology or manage two professions to develop orbit. Be aimed at those to cannot decide those suit to supervise the staff of the road temporarily, microsoft has a project technically still (Manager Preparation Program) the duty that helps employee understand administrative post and ability ask promotional ego understands, make clear oneself professional orientaton. Those are on even if the staff that runs station, if feel unwell to close, return technical post again, also do not have what problem.
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