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Get rich insensibly 10 great secret of success!
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Get rich insensibly 10 great secret of success!

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1, dial partial money to put from inside pay ceaselessly, 5% , 10% , 25% but, must put anyway;

2, make the money that is clear about you everyday, where of every months of weekly, flow direction, want detailed and listed budget and defray namely;

3, examination, check all receipt, see a businessman collect fees more;

4, bank card withholds a piece only, can prove oneself capacity is enough;

5, take meal to go to work oneself, can save below 2000 yuan every year, put with it will retire fund;

6, close to commute by public traffic tool with the person, economic stay expenses of fare, gasoline, insurance premium and the time that seek parking space;

7, read more some about repair, investment becomes rich " practical manual " , had better borrow from the library, or download from Internet, be economical;

8, simplify the life, house need not too big, buy secondhand commodity, to cheap the place such as shop, salesroom shops;

9, when shopping, do not forget to want " spend this money the value is undeserved " , brummagem not likely delimits come, expensive also can not assure quality certainly;

10, price of absolutely Ke Kan, you do not put forward, inn-keeper won't depreciate actively absolutely sell you the thing.

Comment on: Why to live should economical? Should keep back present desire, always should give oneself a reason. To the new mankind of a lot of hedonism, the likelihood never also has wanted to answer his this problem, what is the thing that cares most in your life, what thing can arouse your passion, what thing can let you feel true joy? They can say certainly, it is the most important to indulge in pleasures in time now, whose canal got the following job, say again to moment. Fact rather, the more in life is worth to explore the issue of the experience, to obtain true joy, must economical, control oneself expenditure, concentration is finishing your life great dream to go up. That is why we live economical reason. Conduct financial transactions wants first economical, need you to have glow to life sparely.